Is Cody Rhodes The WWE's Fresh Face?

Is Cody Rhodes The WWE’s Fresh Face?

Is WWE positioning Cody Rhodes as the company’s fresh face? If you’ve been following WWE on social media recently, that’s not a far-fetched assumption. For more than a week, the official @WWE and @WWENetwork accounts have used images from Cody’s heroic performance at Hell in a Cell as their header photos.

Typically, the top bar photos are confined for posters of impending premium live shows or a generic photo of title holders. Furthermore, WWE would usually change the header for a shorter amount of time to denote a significant event, such as when Big E won the WWE Championship, but it is extremely rare for the company to feature only one Superstar in such a light.

It must be noted that @WWE on BT Sport and @WWE on FOX continue to display Roman Reigns & The Bloodline in their top corner photos, because those are not WWE profiles. Moreover, the latter account is heavily focused on WWE Superstars.

There’s no speculation that WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon is starting to see Cody Rhodes as WWE face material. In last week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that McMahon made the decision to have a wounded Rhodes defeat Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell, despite wrestling protocol requiring the guy about to receive treatment to lose in such situations. Meltzer wrote that Vince McMahon chose the finish that preserved Rhodes’ undefeated streak since joining the company two months ago.

Rhodes‘ Injury Status

WWE announced last Friday that the undefeated Rhodes will be out for up to 9 months after undergoing surgery to repair a torn pec tendon. With Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on his way to Hollywood, Rhodes could be on his way towards becoming WWE’s marquee Superstar.

Rumors regarding Rhodes’ injury status began to circulate after he was pulled from a WWE live match in Champaign, Illinois on June 4, only one day before the aforementioned Hell In A Cell event. Many fans have been left wondering what had did happen to Rhodes as well as if he would ever be ready to contend in the premium live event.

WWE revealed Rhodes suffered a torn pectoral while training for the match against Rollins just hours before Hell In A Cell, but the corporation also affirmed Rhodes was adamant about competing in the hardcore match against Rollins. Rhodes went on to win a 20-minute Hell In A Cell fight against Rollins. Following the series, Rhodes addressed the audience, informing them that he had made a decision to fight that evening.


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