IronHeart Commences Filming, Confirmed By The Actor

IronHeart is one of the anticipated series in the Marvel franchise. Here is good news for Marvel fans. The official filming of IronHeart has commenced. The main stars of the show have either been seen on set or have announced their participation via social media posts. Dominique Thorne, who plays the title character, was seen filming earlier this month, and on Monday, Anthony Ramos announced that he has also begun shooting.

Earlier this month some set photos were revealed from downtown Atlanta in the White castle. Anthony Ramos announced that he has also begun filming for his part yesterday.

We started shooting Marvel. Shit’s fire, Yesterday was my first day. It went well. Shit’s about to be crazy.” Ramos revealed this on a live stream

Ramos has been rising to fame after serving in the original cast of Broadway’s Hamilton. His lead role in In the Heights last year helped him become a more well-known actor, and he will soon play the lead in Paramount’s Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

IronHeart will supposedly follow a story similar to that of Iron Man. Since her father passed away, Riri now resides in Chicago with her mother Ronnie, and her paternal aunt Sharon. She receives financial aid to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a recognized super-genius. The origin story looks similar to that of Tony Stark who had a similar back story Working alone, Riri uses materials taken from campus to create an Iron Man-style suit of armor. She runs away in the suit as college security knocks on her door.

Thorne will play the title character in Ironheart, and Anthony Ramos, Alden Ehrenreich, Lyric Ross, and Manny Montana are also expected to make appearances. The episodes of the show are directed by Angela Barnes, Sam Bailey, and Chinaka Hodge.

Anthony Ramos’ role is yet to be revealed in Ironheart but some fan speculation suggests that he could be seen playing The Hood.

Fans are really excited to witness this show which might carry a similar to that of Iron man. Even though our old heroes’ story has ended, it would be exciting to see young superheroes rising to power and carrying forward the legacy.

The Official date of the release of Iron Heart has not been released. The show will be streaming on Disney+

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