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Investors Can Now Buy Crypto On CryptoCom Using Apple Pay

Recently, revealed plans to include Apple Pay into both its application and website.

Although Apple does not directly enable cryptocurrency payments, customers of will have the opportunity to make in-app purchases.

Apple Pay enables both credit and debit cards to be used for these purchases. The exchange will improve and increase user experience thanks to this new enhancement.

Apple Pay will make it easier to implement a quick and secure payment option that may be used to buy bitcoins on the exchange platform.

The decision to include this option for its consumers was supported by the exchange in particular since it may make transactions more convenient while also ensuring that the security is maintained.

Additionally, consumers who use their Apple Card to pay for their cryptocurrency transactions will be eligible to get 2% in Daily Cash. wants to make it simple for customers to make deposits using Apple Pay.

Additionally, the exchanges are constantly looking for methods to make it simpler for its consumers to deposit money. The app itself will be used to deliver this specific service.

Feature Only Available In The US

The citizens of New York State and US territories are not permitted to utilise this new function; it is only available to users in the US. Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands are among the territories.

Although the feature is now only available in the US, the platform hopes to gradually roll it out to other nations in the near future. Included in the new feature or capability must be recurring debit and credit costs that are calculated according to the protocol.

The exchange’s trading limits for cryptocurrency purchases will also apply to this new service. For iPhone users, Apple Pay on iOS devices facilitates simple payments.

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