Internet Trolls Monty Lopez For Yung Gravy Diss Track

Just when we thought all the drama around Addison Rae’s parents is slowly dying down, we get hit with another drama. That’s right. Monty Lopez seems to be dragging out the drama with Yung Gravy and his estranged wife, Sheri Easterling.

It seems like Yung Gravy and Sheri’s appearance on the red carpet of MTV VMAs 2022 did not go down well with Monty. He has been constantly slamming the couple online. Lopez called his ex-wife “leftovers” and in addition teased a possible diss rack to call out the couple.

But in the efforts of trolling the couple, he went ahead and got himself trolled. The track was dismissed by the internet as weird. A user expressed that it is worse than they thought.

Monty claimed to be unbothered by his estranged wife’s new flame and their public appearance. But the internet is definitely bothered by this diss track that he has put out, further dragging the drama. Lopez further released a minute-and-a-half version of the song.

He even called himself Michael Jordan and called out Gravy singing, “you are not Scottie Pippen.” But Lopez was slammed online for his ‘Leftovers’ track. A user claimed that he is acting like a sophomore in high school when he is 46 years old. Many others slammed him for releasing a track to bash his estranged wife and Gravy.

People seemed to be sympathetic towards Addison and her brothers. A user claimed they now understand how the phrase, “it’s bad we don’t get to choose our parents” makes sense. Other users described the situation as embarrassing especially when someone is over 50.

Yung Gravy Thinks Lopez Is Embarrassing Addison

Many users urged him to stop harassing his ex-wife and asked him to show some respect for his daughter. People even questioned if he isn’t embarrassed because everybody is laughing at him. Users even claimed that he needs help and pleaded for him to stop.

Lopez even uploaded the track on Spotify which is 4 minutes long. He slams Gravy in the song but this is not the first time he has called Sheri “leftovers”. Monty had claimed he is unbothered with their appearance and thanked Gravy for taking the “leftovers”.

Yung Gravy was excited about the diss track and he expressed that in The Please Clap podcast. He claimed that Lopez was embarrassing Addison and her family. Unfortunately, if you think the diss track would be the end of this drama, you are wrong.

Monty has been uploading on his social media and constantly keeps slamming Gravy or Sheri.

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