Internet Jokes Kim Kardashian Paid Ice Spice To Babysit North West

Internet Thinks Ice Spice Got Paid To Babysit North West By Kim Kardashian

North West is growing up to be a TikTok queen just like her mother, Kim Kardashian. Recently, the alum shared a TikTok where she was having the time of her life with none other than Ice Spice. She also had some of her close friends with her at the time as they were dancing and making TikToks together.

The video had North jumping on the bed along with her friend as she was lip-syncing to Ice Spice’s song “Boy’s a Liar”. It then cut to her and Ice in the kitchen having some snacks and dancing. The internet did not take a minute and straight up began mocking Ice Spice assuming she was babysitting for Kim as she was the only adult visible.

It made social media users wonder if Kim paid Ice Spice to babysit North and her friends. Some users wondered how much babysitting a Kardashian would have paid Ice Spice, while another mocked the singer. Meanwhile, some other users joked that Kim is renting human beings.

This comes after North showcased her talent at sketching and made a sketch of Ice Spice. She shared the portrait on TikTok which went viral and gained millions of views. The rapper had reacted to the video saying it is cute and that she loves “Northie”. Kim is also a fan of the rapper along with her daughter as she shared a TikTok of her rapping to one of Spice’s songs recently.


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