Internet Says Jake Paul Knocking Out Tyron Woodley Was Staged

Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2 ended with a brutal knockout of the former UFC Welterweight champion. Jake Paul has maintained his undefeated streak and is now 5-0 as a professional boxer. However, there are still doubts about the bout which took place between Jake and Tyron on December 18.

The Internet believes that Jake Paul knocking out the five time UFC Champion was ‘rigged’ and ‘staged’. Ahead of the rematch, Jake Paul gifted Tyron Woodley a Rolex watch. This is when the speculation of a rigged fight began catching momentum.

‘Is Jake Paying Him Off’

Tyron Woodley was genuinely excited seeing a new gift coming from his opponent just few hours before the fight. ‘I Accept It’, said Tyron Woodley. The two even shook hands on-camera in positive spirit [seemingly] for the first time.

‘I accept your gift, and all the bonuses I accept it all. This dude is crazy,’ exclaimed Tyron Woodley after unwrapping the gift box and seeing the Rolie. Have a look at the video below:

But guess what? Jake’s generosity towards his opponent right ahead of the rematch has sparked speculations all over the internet that the rematch is rigged in the YouTuber’s favor.

Some even associated the Rolex to a ‘bribe’ that Jake was trying to give to Tyron. One user wrote “Is Jake Paying him off?” while another said ‘Rigged fights be like”.

‘So Scripted’

After the fight, Tyron shared a video on his Instagram handle which showed him getting knocked out by Jake Paul. The comments section was flooded with accusations of a ‘staged fight’.

Users commented things like “How much he pay you?”, “So scripted”, “The staging was timed very well”, and more.

Some users said that Tyron’s loss to a YouTuber was straight up embarrassing.

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