Internet Reacts To The Joe Rogan Podcast Parody By A Group Of Comedians

Joe Rogan is the most successful podcast host in the world. His show ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ was started back in 2009 and today, is regarded as the most successful podcast in the world.

Joe Rogan is known for his straight forward and outright attitude. In his podcast, he invites a lot of guests from different industries and discusses topics surrounding current affairs, comedy, fashion, career, politics, and more.

Joe Rogan recently shared his latest ‘Cold Shock’ workout routine that had the internet users shocked. And once again, the internet users are reacting to something that involves Joe Rogan in it: The Joe Rogan Podcast Parody.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

The 12-hour-long hilarious parody of Joe Rogan’s podcast has been uploaded on YouTube and is created by a group of comedians, namely Tim Heidecker, Rajat Suresh, and Jeremy Livick.

The parody episode of the Joe Rogan podcast covers topics such as those which Joe Rogan covers in his original podcast.

The Internet users have been left mouth-opened with the latest Joe Rogan podcast parody and have made the parody viral on social media.

Fan Reactions

Here are some reactions of Joe Rogan fans:

“Tim Heidecker’s satire of Joe Rogan and his anti-woke crusader buddies is a thing of absolute beauty.”

“Tim Heidecker (as Joe Rogan) and Rajat Suresh & Jeremy Levick (as Rogan guests) is hilarious and painfully accurate, with the meandering stories, the cadence of seriousness that the basic things they say are deep, the obsession w/cancel culture”

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