Instead of frivolous romantic dramas, dramas like Ertugrul Ghazi should be made, says leyla zuberi

Karachi: Leading actress leyla zuberi says that dramas like Ertugrul Ghazi should be made instead of dramas based on useless love stories.

Talking about Indian dramas in a video that went viral on social media, leyla zuberi said, “I was against Indian dramas from the beginning and I am still against them because these dramas were affecting our culture. Done.

“I am not in favor of dramas not only in India but also in other countries because foreign dramas take the place of our dramas,” he said. Due to which there is no platform left for us after which our people start becoming unemployed.
Leila Zubair, quoting the most popular Turkish drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi, said that this drama is based on our religious history, it is good that through such dramas we know our history. Rather, this drama is like a lesson and role model for our playwrights that we should also make such plays.

“We don’t have that much budget to make such dramas, but we can try,” she said. Because the way this drama has become popular in Pakistan proves that the people here want to see such dramas, so we should also make such dramas, instead we should make dramas based on nonsense kind of love story.

laila zubari

leyla zuberi:

is a Pakistani actress who has worked in many Pakistani drama series and has also appeared in the 2016 film Teri Meri Love Story.. Laila Zuberi honoured at pakistan excellency awards in 2019

Laila Zuberi is a Pakistani Senior Film Actress And Drama Serial Host , She is been in Pakistani Industry Since Been a Long Time . She also Started Her Production House , She was born at 18 August 1967 so by her date of birth you can easily calculate her age. Laila Zuberi is married to her cousin. She has two daughters and she is legend of Pakistani dramas. People love her for her acting in dramas. She was 80’s most amazing actress.

leyla zuberi is very charming and attractive her age of 53. She is Present in Pakistani Drama Industry Since 18 Years and entertaining people from her talent and charming look.

so she looks very young , charming and attractive therefore everyone of her fan want to look and know about her are some exclusive pics of zuberi family especially her daughters Tania Zuberi And Kiran Zuberi.


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