Instagram Star Shaquita Nicolas on Why Sex Workers Should Not Be Stereotyped News

Instagram Star Shaquita Nicolas on Why Sex Workers Should Not Be Stereotyped

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Time icon May 16, 2021

Shaquita Nicholas, commonly referred to as “Venusflyytrapp,” is originally from the southside of Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Georgia Atlanta’s heart. The 28-year-old single mother of five has been killing the game as an independent sex worker for the last 6+ years that she’s been in the game.

Throughout the history of sex work, women have been discriminated against by monopolizing on the things that are seen as desirable in society. Whether it be looks, sexuality, or sensuality, they’ve always been a target of discrimination, whatever the case may be, with this newfound age of feminism, allyship, and education being fueled into communities helps. Women can reclaim that power by fending for themselves and utilizing the characteristics found throughout history. Venusflyytrapp is no short of that, just using her amazing ability to captivate and trap her audience. 

Shaquita Nicholas can be referred to as a social media influencer, adult content creator, exotic dancer, and her ultimate passion an interior decorator. Most of her most available work can easily be found when searching up her name with millions of views to legitimize her status. From being a star feature on Pornhub, participating in music videos/ becoming a video vixen with artists and producers like Lil Boosie and more. Then, the pinnacle of her recognition can be rooted in her OF account as one of the top content creators. This has all been produced within less of a decade time span.

Venusflyytrapp emphasized her love, appreciation and admiration towards being a socialite and a social media user. She is located not only on websites involving pornography and Onlyfans but can be found regularly producing content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and even her own website and which you can reach all of these sources through. Each media platform allows for a different aspect of her personality to be shown to an audience like on Instagram and Twitter, where she’s marketing more of her sexuality and emphasizing that aspect. Also for finding and creating connections solely based off that dynamic. However, on other apps like TikTok she displays more of her personal ideologies, which ultimately provides for a larger pool of demographics to be reached. 

Her main focus is currently rooted in grinding, from utilizing the followers she currently carries and focusing on other passions like her decor and designs. She would describe herself as a nature lover, positive being, a God lover, and always help others. One of her most unrecognized talents is her ability to sing excellently… in the shower. 

Ms.Flyytrapp also Talks briefly about her romantic relationships and intimacy. Although she is fulfilled sexually, the romance department lacks as many people are aware of her social sex symbol status, which ultimately carries a stigma; inferiority, fetishization, and control often come into play. She also quotes, “It could even be more difficult dating due to the fact a lot of men in Georgia are on the down-low”. So this catch continues to focus on sustaining her lifestyle and leading a successful lineage using what she has continuously done for the last decade, thrive.

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