Instagram Head Addresses Criticism Faced From Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian & Others

Seems like Kardashian & Jenner are not liking the new feature of Instagram, CEO of the platform has addressed the issues of the celebrities let’s see what exactly happened.

Tati Bruening, an influencer & photographer on Instagram shared a post criticizing Instagram on his account named ” illumitati”. The post reads “MAKE INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM AGAIN. (stop trying to be TikTok I just want to see cute photos of my friends) SINCERELY EVERYONE.”

Along with a caption, ” I’m starting a movement. Let’s bring back the old Instagram, share this to your stories, and sign my petition.” This post of him got millions of likes and also many people signed his petition as well. Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner too liked that photo and shared it on their Instagram story.

The two sisters hold a following of over 360 million and 326 million respectively. As they are influential figures them supporting a cause matters. Soon Instagram faced a lot of backlash because of its recent updates of video features. Instagram previously was mostly known for its photos but now with the introduction of reels and video features, it has become more like a video app.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri addressed this backlash and defended their Instagram strategy through a 2min 28 seconds long video. He said “If you’re seeing a new full-screen version of the feed know that it is a test. It is at least to a few percent of the people out there and the idea is that a more full-screen experience, not only for videos but for photos might be a more fun engaging experience.”

You can hear the full conversation below, where he explains the concern of users about the platform.

He also addressed the concerns of the platform turning into TikTok he said, ” the second thing I’m hearing is a lot of concerns about photos and how we’re shifting to video. Now, I want to be clear we’re going to continue to support photos, it’s part of our heritage…That said, I need to be honest I do believe that more and more of Instagram is going to become video over time.”

He further added saying, “We’re also going to need to evolve because the world is changing quickly and we’re going to change along with it.”

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