Influencer's Exposé About Amber Heard's 'Questionable' Parties Go Viral

Influencer’s Exposé About Amber Heard’s ‘Questionable’ Parties Go Viral

As many unsealed documents from the famous defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are going viral, there is something else surfacing online. An influencer is gaining attention for an exposé.

The Instagram influencer called House Inhabit had written an exposé on Substack about the actress and her ‘questionable parties’. They have already gained immense traction from covering the infamous trial online.

Jessica Reed Kraus, who is the influencer behind House Inhabit, shared details about Heard’s parties in Los Angeles. As per her, these parties had everything from alcohol to “copious amounts of MDMA” and intercourse. The influencer revealed that she received this information from former friends of the actress.

These sources had personally witnessed her tendencies of being destructive. As per a Twitter user, it was an “Eyes Wide Shut creepfest” because of the many celebrities and friends of high-profile photographers. The Instagram influencer also claimed to have talked to partners of celebrities and others who had attended these parties.

Not only this, but the article also gave some insight into Elon Musk and Amber’s relationship. Jessica further shared that Elon and Amber had met in 2011 at a party hosted by the former and his wife. As per the article, Musk was paying off Heard’s defamation trial bills because Heard had some “dark sh*t on him”.

This was revealed by a party attendee and it further said that it wasn’t surprising to anyone. The attendee added how Amber was always filming Elon and had a method. As per the attendee, “She had it down. She would get Elon really f**ked up, so incriminating events could transpire and then film it all.”

Amber Allegedly Brought Minors To These Parties

Heard seemingly became a regular partygoer and was allegedly drawing other younger, gay, struggling actresses. The article further revealed that Tasya Van Ree, Amber’s ex became one of the people at these parties. As per the influencer, Cara Delevingne was also amongst these partygoers.

Jessica also alleged that Heard used to invite minors to these parties. Another party attendee also claimed how she was reeled in by Heard even after not being into women. In the article, the woman’s name was Gia and she added that the relationship between them developed and she was invited to other parties.

The article also touched upon Musk being an attentive parent whenever his children were around. This is shocking as his daughter has filed a court request to change her name. She wished to not be related to her biological father in any way.

Gia also added how she was worried about being with Heard and thought she was in danger. The alleged witness also claimed, “But oh boy she’s actually a total psycho and not a doubt in my mind will kill somebody at some point if she has not already.”

There are several screenshots and pictures from the sources as well. If you want to read more about it, it will be found on House Inhabit’s Substack newsletter.

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