Influencer Sangram Murkute’s Rollercoaster Journey That Made Him An Internet Sensation

Internet is accessible to every part of the country today even in the regional areas. It has seen the availability of many social media apps to connect with people and the apps are reaching to the audience at a very rapid speed. People are curious to know what’s happening in their community and one emerging name who has become a lifestyle influencer is Sangram Murkute. He is from Pune, Maharashtra and is a Marathi man who is living life on his terms. The introduction to several social media apps intrigued him to try his luck in being an influencer. He started sharing his everyday activity on social media and people started appreciating his content.

Sangram is a man who is pure Indian at heart. Looking at his Instagram feed, one can easily understand that his target audience is majorly the local youth who look up to him as a motivational figure. What started as a trying experience boosted his unimaginable popularity. Despite having strong political connections, Sangram always wanted to do something on his own and social media has shown him the right door. “Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them. I started posting content daily and I never thought that I would manage to get more than 10K followers on Instagram. I believe in creating simple content which the audience can relate to and most importantly understand it. I am grateful they accepted me as an internet influencer”, said Murkute. Besides this, he is an automobile lover and has a great collection of bikes and cars.

The Instagram feed of Sangram is all about automobiles and he has got a great collection of it including Mercedes, GMC, Hayabusa, Ford, Porsche among others. His social media page is as simple as it should be and after getting a terrific response on the social media app, he now aims to create more video content which can reach out to more people. “As per my knowledge, automobiles have been every man’s love. There’s nothing better than creating videos on automobiles. I will be sharing my experiences on the automobiles I have had my hands on. Let’s see where it goes. Fingers crossed”, said Sangram. He has truly left everyone in surprise and let’s wait what content he has to show to the world.