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Indonesia McDonald’s has temporarily closed its doors after a special BTS meal caused overcrowding

After a special BTS Meal attracted groups of delivery drivers who broke COVID-19 safe distance regulations, many McDonald’s restaurants in Indonesia were briefly closed. The meal, which was named after the Korean boyband BTS, drew such large crowds that it caused major traffic jams and had scores of delivery drivers waiting outside the stores for hours to pick up the orders.

Recently, the international fast-food company teamed up with the K-Pop group to create a unique lunch. On the 26th of May, the limited-edition supper was released, only days before the group’s eighth anniversary.

Special Meal

The much-discussed meal, which includes ten chicken nuggets, chips, a cola, and two sauces (sweet chilli and Cajun), has been revealed in 50 countries worldwide.

The first day of the limited-edition meal was made available on Wednesday, June 9th, according to a New York Times report, and most of the orders were placed online due to the ongoing pandemic. As a result, massive groups of motorcycle delivery drivers have appeared at stores all around Indonesia. Because of the high number of orders placed, most restaurants were unprepared, making the situation difficult to manage.

By the middle of the day, videos and photographs of BTS had filled social media, causing a craze. Meanwhile, police in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, were forced to temporarily close 32 McDonald’s restaurants after they were discovered to have “violated health rules.” Authorities also discovered stores breaking health rules during the coronavirus epidemic and lockout, according to the police.

McDonald’s Indonesia quickly replied to the outrage by reminding fans that the BTS meal will be available till next month. Many fans expressed their frustration on social media, claiming that they were unable to place an order.

According to the New York Times, Indonesia has experienced an increase in infections in recent weeks, with daily instances up 26% and only 4% of the population properly vaccinated. In other locations, the meal’s distribution was delayed in Singapore when the government enforced distance laws.

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