Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Announce Lockdown Across The Country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country today for the second time regarding the corona virus pandemic. PM Modi said that the people of the country deserve congratulations for the success of Janata curfew. PM Modi said in his address that lockdown is being done in every part of the country from 12 o’clock tonight (24 March). This is just a kind of curfew. This will be stricter than public curfew. This lockdown is necessary to prevent the Corona epidemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that on March 22, we took the pledge of Janata curfew. Every Indian has contributed with full sensitivity and responsibility for his achievement as a nation. Children, elderly, poor-middle class people came together in this moment of examination. Janta curfew was made successful by every Indian. The Janata curfew told that when the country and humanity face a crisis. So all of us Indians come together and fight it. You all deserve congratulations for the success of the Janata curfew.

PM Modi said that the world’s capable countries have also been destroyed by this epidemic. It is not that this country is not trying. They lack resources. The reality is that the corona virus is spreading so fast that despite all the preparations and efforts, the challenge is increasing. After two months of study of these countries, the conclusions are coming and experts are also saying. The only option for effective combat with this corona. Social distance that is living in their homes by creating distance from each other. There is no way to avoid corona.