India will “lose” this test match convincingly – Micheal Vaughan News

India will “lose” this test match convincingly – Micheal Vaughan

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Time icon August 27, 2021

Kohli’s one quality as a captain has always stuck with the youngsters and his fans love him for that. That is-he is always looking to win. Kohli has shown his attitude towards test cricket way back in the Adelaide test when he became captain of the test side for the first time. Kohli went for the win. He was aggressive and thirsty to win the match. This was something that defined him as a captain and distinguished him from the former test captain of India.

However, in England with a lead of 345 runs now, Kohli has a different challenge, a much more difficult challenge. In an interview with Micheal Vaughan on Cricbuzz, Vaughan advised Indian batsmen to follow the process. And that is to take guard, watching the ball, seeing off the new ball, and then playing your way. Each individual needs to step up.

Vaughan added, “Rohit Sharma-he can’t be out on that pull shot once again.KL Rahul can’t be out on that big drive once again. Virat himself needs to find that form and rhythm.” Vaughan further said,

As much as I think that India will lose this test match convincingly,they can take a lot from the second innings into the third match.

It is indeed true that each individual batsman needs to step up. They need to say in that dressing room, “Yeah, I will do that. Yeah, I am the captain. I will follow the process.” They need to put at least 500 runs on the board.

The following numbers need to change, even if India lose this match, perhaps the form picked up in the second innings of the match will help Team India for the next two games.

                                            Performance This Series

                             C Pujara                          V Kohli                         A Rahane

Inns                          5                                        4                                  4

Runs                        71                                     69                                 85

   Avg                        17.75                              17.25                               21.25

Best                        45                                       42                                  61

Aakash Chopra has made his predictions for the match. He said, “India will lose less than six wickets. So life will be left in the fourth day’s play and it will be enjoyable. You should always expect one thing from this team, that is the fight. This is not the team that is going to throw the towel in and say thank you very much. This team never gives up, never gives in. They bounced back after 36 as well. They will bounce back after 78 also. I am not saying that they can win the match, but you can expect a certain fight.”`

The 43-year-old believes Cheteshwar Pujara will stay on the crease and bat out at least 50 balls. He elaborated, “Pujara will play more than 50 balls, I feel like that. I am not saying more than 50 runs.”

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