Income Details Of Top Twitch Streamers Leaked Online

Twitch is the top streaming platform for gamers. The top Twitch streamers get remunerated handsomely. And now those remuneration figures have been leaked on the internet!

In a recent Twitch leak that is circulating on the internet, there is a lot of sensitive data that has been leaked! Data such as passwords, profile information, and the income of top twitch streamers is in the public space.

Is The Leaked Data True?

While it is possible to calculate an estimate of how much a streamer earns, the exact income figures is usually kept under the blanket. However, with the Twitch leak it has finally come to light.

You should be aware that this leaked data that we are talking about only claims to be for revenue directly from Twitch, so it won’t include donations, sponsorships, or merch sales.

There are uncertainties about the truth of the leaked data. While some streamers say the data leaked is 100% accurate, others claim it to be bogus.

Leaked Income Of Top Twitch Streamers

Streamers like Asmongold, Timthetatman, Tfue, NICKMERCS, Critical Role, and many others have made it to the leaked list.

Here is the income of top Twitch streamers as per the leak:

Critical Role: $9,626,712.16

xQc: $8,454,427.17

Summit1g: $5,847,541.17

Tfue: $5,295,582.44

NICKMERCS: $5,096,642.12

Ludwig: $3,290,777.55

TimTheTatman: $3,290,133.32

Altoar: $3,053,839.94

Auronplay: $3,053,341.54

Lirik: $2,984,653.70

__unknown__: $2,863,780.63

Gaules: $2,844,985.18

HasanAbi: $2,810,480.11

Asmongold: $2,551,618.73

Tyler1: $2,490,584.90

RanbooLive: $2,401,021.84

MontanaBlack88: $2,391,369.58

ibai: $2,314,485.5

Castro_1021: $2,311,021.81

MOONMOON: $2,236,043.55


Asmongold has already mentioned about the latest leak on his Twitch stream saying that he “doesn’t give a f**k” about the leak but that his number was “wrong.”

So what do you think about the income of top streamers that are shown in this leak. Do you think there is any truth to it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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