In this adorable photo, Hawkeye’s Pizza Dog wields a bow and arrow

In a cute new shot, Hawkeye’s Lucky the Pizza Dog carries a bow and arrow to celebrate the debut of Hawkeye. The MCU is infamous for tugging at the heartstrings of fans by providing their heroes with the cutest sidekicks.

With his dance movements and propensity for pushing red buttons, Baby Groot has won the hearts of Marvel fans all around the country. The next popular thing was Alligator Loki, which reimagined everyone’s beloved God of Mischief as an alligator with a little horned helmet.

Marvel demonstrated that they could design something charming without even needing a face when Shang-Chi presented the mystical creature Morris. Baby Groot, Alligator Loki, and Morris, on the other hand, maybe eclipsed by the newest fluffy buddy.

Hawkeye’s Pizza Dog

On November 24, 2021, Hawkeye debuted on Disney+, allowing Pizza Dog to make his MCU debut. Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) is first drawn to Kate Bishop (Hailee Seinfeld) when she saves a one-eyed puppy from being hit by a car while dressed in the Ronin costume.

Saving the dog proves to be her undoing as she mistakenly reveals her identity and address to the Tracksuit Mafia by dropping the dog off at her apartment. Pizza Dog, on the other hand, has already proven his worth by assaulting a member of the Tracksuit Mafia, and he has developed a like for Bishop, Hawkeye, and, of course, pizza.

Jolt, a golden retriever, is the animal actress behind Pizza Dog, and she celebrated Hawkeye’s debut by showing off her very own bow and arrow. The dog has her own Instagram account, which she uses to show off her job and what she likes to do in her free time. Jolt had a double celebration on November 24th, celebrating the debut of Hawkeye and her 4th birthday. She was armed with her own bow and arrow, as well as a poster for the miniseries, in honor of Hawkeye’s premiere.

Take a look at the image below:

Pizza Dog is not just adorable, but he also has a long history in the Marvel Universe. Pizza Dog first debuted in a touching Marvel comic, when he was named Arrow and owned by the Tracksuit Mafia.

When Hawkeye shows the dog kindness, the Mafia is called in to assist Hawkeye, and Hawkeye is seriously injured in the process.

Pizza Dog, on the other hand, survives and becomes Hawkeye and Bishop’s best friend, as well as receiving a new name. Little Jolt is bringing a true Marvel hero to life, and her cute performance in Hawkeye is swiftly stealing hearts.

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