In the midst of the pandemic, Arnold Schwarzenegger reacts to anti-maskers News

In the midst of the pandemic, Arnold Schwarzenegger reacts to anti-maskers

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Time icon August 12, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out about the internet spreading disinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine and the disease itself. Schwarzenegger criticised anyone who fails to mask up or get vaccinated during the COVID-19 issue while chatting with former National Security Council employee Alexander Vindman.

The Terminator actor, 74, expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, saying that he was still “in a mess” after a year and a half because “people living in denial” about the sickness. “…There are still people out there who don’t believe in masks, who say, ‘Well, we don’t have to exercise social distance,’ and all that kind of stuff,” the actor said.

He went on to say that specialists have recommended wearing masks, washing hands, and adopting social separation. With the virus resurfacing in many forms around the world, Schwarzenegger urged people to really go and work together to battle the illness.


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He went on to say that being vaccinated, using masks, and maintaining social distance are all ways to avoid contracting the illness. Some people, according to Schwarzenegger, have a bad attitude about wearing masks.

Where he called them out

“‘Well, my liberty is being a little thwarted here.’ No, screw your freedom.  Because with freedom comes responsibilities and obligations. When you have an impact on other people, you cannot simply assert, ‘I have the right to do x, y, and z.’  That’s when things start to become serious,” he explained.

People who do not use masks are referred to as “schmucks” by Schwarzenegger, who also stated that if masks are not worn properly, one person can infect another. The actor said on the topic, “Yeah, you have the freedom to wear no mask, but you know something? You’re a schmuck for not wearing a mask”.

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