In ‘The BTS Game Show,’ members of BTS reveal each other’s secrets

On August 19, BTS held an interview with Vanity Fair in which the members competed in their own game show, “The BTS Game Show.”

The goal of this game is to see how well the players know each other. Every member has posed a personal question, to which they will respond in writing. The winner will be the person who correctly answers the most questions.

The Best Feature of RM

RM is the first to be questioned, as he was also the one who started the game and explained the mechanics. He is the group’s leader.

“Who has influenced you the most as an artist?”

Jungkook instantly raised his hand and replied, “Nas,” which was the correct answer. Suga then asked RM if he could rap Nas’ lyrics, which he did flawlessly.

“What do you think your best feature is?”

The other members instantly made guesses based on random adjectives as to what RM’s best attribute would be.

Only J-Hope got it right when he answered “KEY,” which is Korean for “height.” RM considers his height of 180 cm to be his strongest feature.

Suga cries for only one reason

Suga, the group’s rapper and official songwriter, will take the stage next.

“Would you re-record one song if you had the chance?”

The other members came up with the solution first, and RM said, “None.” And he’s correct.

Suga went on to say that remastering their music is something he dislikes. He went on to say that it doesn’t have the same vibe as the original song. He prefers to let the song alone.

“Can you tell me about something that makes you cry?”

Once again, everyone jumped in with their response right away. None of them, however, got it right. As a result, Suga ended up saying “eating wasabi” as his own response.

Jimin joked that they should prepare Suga a large wasabi cake for his next birthday.

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The Worst Fear of J-Hope

J-hope is the third player. One of the group’s primary dancers and rappers.

“What is your most terrifying fear?”

Members responded with random words once more. No one, however, got it right. J-Hope claims that

His greatest concern is his future. The members were taken aback since he went into great detail with his response.

“How would you define yourself in one word?”

Jin instantly raised his hand and said, “Hope,” which was right. If it were any other term, Jin claims, it would make no sense. He goes on to say that “J-Hope” is the definition of the term “hope.” He got the definition of “Hope” because his name is J-Hope.

Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, and Jin all have one point during this part of the game, while the rest have none.

With one thing, V discovered his stardom

V, one of the group’s vocalists, is the fourth in line to perform.

“What is your slogan in life?”

“Live your life to the fullest” was Jungkook’s accurate answer. It’s not the same as the original, “Live a merry and happy life,” but it’s near enough.

V confesses that he is currently not living his life to the fullest, and as a result, he is not happy. He wants to spend it having fun and being happy.

Jungkook currently leads the scoreboard with two points, while J-hope, RM, and Jin each have one point. Suga, V, and Jimin, on the other hand, are still at zero.

“When did you realise you were famous?”

It took a long time for the members to respond this time. They came up with a list of random terms that had something to do with their celebrity. Suga, on the other hand, got the right response with “discount.”

Suga reveals that some people recognise them and will give them a discount as a result.

Jimin constantly talks about one thing

Jimin is the next person on the hot seat; he is the group’s main dancer and one of the vocalists.

“How do you spend most of your time talking?”

Jimin has been talking about a lot of things lately, according to V. “Working out” is the correct answer for RM.

J-hope then notices that Jimin is often talking about his body and how hard he works out. As he speaks about Jimin’s flexing, he even shows how he does it. With the flexing, J-hope is quickly joined by V and Jungkook.

Jimin always rubs his abs, according to RM. Suga goes on to claim that Jimin frequently boasts about how much his stamina has improved.

Jimin used to think that working out didn’t suit him and that he didn’t want to do it anymore, Jin says.

Jimin claims that since he began working out, he has been healthier. After that, J-hope tells him to straighten up his posture. When the other members heard what he said, they all unconsciously adjusted their seating positions.

Suga tells them all that they need to improve their posture, and J-hope claims that his back suffers as a result of his bad posture.

“What is one thing you excel at that no one else does?”

When V gets the correct response “eye smile,” he finally gets a point.

Jin can’t stop himself from dancing to this music

Jin, the group’s lead vocalist, is the next to take the stage.

“What is the one music that you can’t stop yourself from dancing to?”

“Permission to Dance,” Jimin says right away, but Jin thinks it’s a generic response.

Jungkook responded to Girls Generation’s “Tell Me Your Wish.” He did not, however, get it right.

“Jin, Jin, Jin,” Suga said, raising his hand.

There is a brief pause before Jin enthusiastically declares that Suga is correct. Jin stated that it was Young Tak’s hit song “Jjin-iya” that he was referring to (known as “Pitiful” in English).

Jin is perplexed as to how Suga was able to guess that music. Jin’s shower playlist, it turns out.

Jin reveals this because his name appears several times throughout the song. Since he began listening to it, it has been his favourite.

“What is one accomplishment of which you are particularly proud?”

Jin did not type his response right away, and the others have already begun guessing. It perplexed him greatly.

He offered his answer because no one had guessed it. “Being able to refer to Bang Yi-Suk as “Hyung.”

This is a song that Jungkook enjoys performing

Jungkook is the group’s lead vocalist and the last to perform.

“Can you tell me about your favourite song to perform?”

When Jimin answered “On,” he finally understood what he was saying.

The ARMYs have never heard the song, according to Jungkook, and he believes they will enjoy it if they perform it during “The BTS Game.”

J-Hope starts a countdown, and Jungkook dances alone while the rest of the group sings “On.”

“Can you tell me one food that you could eat for the rest of your life?”

“ARMYs’ Love” is Jin’s correct response.

Finally, the scoreboard shows that Jungkook, RM, Suga, and Jin each received two points. J-hope, V, and Jimin each received one point.

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