In terms of compensation, BTS producer Pdogg outperforms chaebol leaders

The producer behind the K-pop phenomenon BTS topped the list of highest-paid CEOs in the first half of this year, beating out the country’s far more prominent tycoons overseeing corporations like Samsung, Hyundai, and LG.

Senior song producer Kang Hyo-won received the most money in the first half of this year, according to regulatory filings by listed firms on Wednesday, with a total of 40.07 billion won ($34.29 million). He was the principal producer of many of the K-pop group’s megahits, including “Fire,” “Blood Sweat & Tears,” “Spring Day,” “DNA,” “Idol,” and “Boy With Luv.” He is professionally known as Pdogg.

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According to his company Hybe’s filing, he earned 39.9 billion won in stock options and 111 million won in additional incentive payments, on top of his 38 million won salary.

Kang, who isn’t even a member of the BTS agency’s executive team, took home the most money.

Chung Mong-Koo, Hyundai Motor Group’s honorary chairman, came in second with a total of 30.2 billion won, including 29.7 billion won in severance pay.

CEO Yoon Suk-Joon and Chief Management Director Kim Shin-Gyu, both of Hybe, were also among the top five.

Kim came in third place with 27.7 billion won, while Yoon arrived in fourth place with 23.1 billion won.

Na Young-Seok, one of Korea’s most well-known TV producers, was paid more than any other executive at his company.

BTS has always been thankful and grateful to all their producers. “He is the base and foundation of BTS’s music,” RM remarked about Pdogg. “He’s not just our teacher, but also our colleague,” Jimin explained, “We’ve become like family.” “BTS was established by producer Pdogg,” V explained. “He’s a very soft-hearted person,” Jin explained. “It’s adorable.”

Pdogg opened up about how he got into music. He explained, “I majored in classical vocal music. When I told my parents that I wanted to pursue classical voice singing, they enthusiastically agreed. When I told them I was doing idol music, they were initially against it, but they eventually persuaded me to do it.”

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