In 30 Seconds, the Outer Banks Cast Recaps Season 1, Check It Out News

In 30 Seconds, the Outer Banks Cast Recaps Season 1, Check It Out

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Time icon July 27, 2021

The cast of Netflix’s Outer Banks has taken on yet another huge challenge: recapping the entire first season in under 30 seconds. On July 30, Season 2 of the mystery series will air. Outer Banks follows a group of friends as they embark on a suspense-filled treasure hunt through North Carolina’s scenic coastline. The ragtag group of buddies known as the Pogues, led by John B. (Chase Stokes), are on a journey to find a $400 million gold prize.

The first season ended on a huge cliffhanger, with John B. and his love interest Sarah (Madelyn Cline) fleeing the OBX on a ship bound for the Bahamas. According to their interpretation, the gold was brought to the islands by Sarah’s malevolent father Ward (Charles Esten).

They’re not only hunting for the treasure, but also for a way out of town, as John B. has been accused of murdering a local sheriff. The pair is caught in a huge storm, which leads their friends JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey), and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) to believe they died in the turbulent waters as the treasure search turned tragic.

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Outer Banks Season 2 Premiere

The actors of Outer Banks gathered via video chat for Entertainment Weekly ahead of the season 2 debut to try to describe season 1 in 30 seconds. In just half a minute, they explain the setting, the Pogues, and their higher-up enemies, the Kooks, as well as the important story points. Cline rushes through the season-ending cliffhanger with only three seconds left. “Oh my god,” Cline adds, “essentially we wind up on a boat that’s sinking and everyone believes we’re dead.”

Check out the video in its entirety below

Despite the fact that the cast’s season 1 video synopsis isn’t able to address all of these issues, they do an excellent job of breaking down the most essential stories and building excitement for the next episodes. Season 2 of Outer Banks will feature more dramatic plot lines, unrequited love stories, and a lot more looking for supposed riches.

This time, though, the gang will leave the swamplands of OBX and travel to the Bahamas to conduct their hunt. Netflix can expect a large number of viewers to tune in for Outer Banks season 2 due to the success of season 1.

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