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Imran Abbas And Urwa Hocane Surprise Fans By Sharing A Delightful Duet Together

Urwa Hocane and Imran Abbas are two of the most beloved and talented actors in the Pakistani media industry.

They both are currently on the shoot for their next drama serial these days. The two are often active on social media posting behind the scenes videos from their upcoming drama’s set.

Beautiful Singing Skills

This time, Urwa Hocane shared a beautiful BTS video in which both actors sang a wonderful song called “Pal Bhar Theher Jao”. Here is a video of a beautiful version of the song from our favorite characters.

The video is also available on the YouTube Channel named Imran Abbas Official.

Fans admit that they both have sweet and soulful words.

Urwa Hocane And Child Artist Tehreem Ali

Urwa Hocane and child artist Tehreem Ali Hameed work together on the hit drama play “Neeli Zinda Hai”, broadcasted on ARY Digital. 

The cast of “Neeli Zinda Hai” recently appeared in the drama “Good Morning Pakistan”.

Program host Nida Yasir asked the child’s star Tehreem Ali if she had been scolded by anyone who had been on the sets too when she shot Neeli Zinda Hai, and Tehreem replied Yes, she was scolded by Urwa Hocane during the shooting.

“I was scolded by Urwa when I shot ‘Neeli Zinda Hai’, but I did not cry after she scolded me,” said Tehreem. Actress Sonia Mishal went on to say that “Tehreem Ali is a strong girl.”

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