iKON Bobby makes the announcement that he will marry and start a family

Bobby of iKON made an unexpected revelation about being a father and marrying.

Bobby stated on his personal Instagram account that he promised to marry someone and that he will be a father soon in a handwritten message to his fans.

Bobby, an iKON member, began his message by saying he has something to say to the fans. He said he composed the letter after giving it a lot of thought.

He went on to say that he promised to marry the woman he loves and that he will be a father in September.

I’m delighted to welcome a new member of my family, but I’m sorry for any fans who may be unhappy as a result of my unexpected announcement. I should have informed you sooner, but please accept my apologies for the delay. I was concerned about it. “Bobby remarked.

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iKON Bobby went on to say that he feels a great deal of responsibility since he believes he put a lot of strain on those who have always been supportive and helpful to him.

I apologise from the bottom of my heart to anybody who has been surprised or terribly bewildered by my statement,” the “Love Scenario” artist added.

“To my iKON members, parents, and fans, the ones who made me the person I am today and made me the person the world needs, even if I am lacking,” Bobby continued, “I will try to become a person who will not bring you dishonor and will make you proud.”

Bobby, an iKON member, finished his letter by promising not to be a distraction to his fellow members or the fans who are eagerly anticipating their activities.

YG Entertainment has yet to issue a formal comment regarding Bobby’s marriage and child as of this writing.

Meanwhile, Bobby made his first-ever solo comeback with “Lucky Man,” his second studio album.

iKON Bobby’s “Lucky Man,” which was released on January 25 this year, has 17 songs, including the title tune “U MAD.” All of the songs’ lyric writing and composition was done by the male idol.

In addition, the album features two iKON members: Junhoe is a featured artist on “Raining,” and Donghyuk is featured on “Ur Soul Ur Body.”

iKON Bobby’s song “U MAD” mocks individuals who follow opportunism and consumerism while also expressing the people’s rage at themselves for being weak.

Bobby explained why he chose “U MAD” as the title song for his “Lucky Man” album in an online press conference. It was chosen as the title track because it has an abundance of energy and is forceful, according to him. He went on to say that “U MAD” better captures his fierce and captivating persona than the other tunes.

We wish him all the best. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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