Idris Elba Trolled As His Fly Remains Open On BRIT Awards Stage

Idris Elba Trolled As His Fly Remains Open On BRIT Awards Stage

Idris Elba had a slight issue with his pants during the 2022 BRIT Awards. When the 49-year-old actor walked onto the stage, it was clear that he hadn’t double-checked his costume. People could not get over the fact that the actor did not zip up the fly on his black trousers, despite the fact that he wore a pink leather Gucci jacket to make a statement.

Elba, who gave Adele the MasterCard Album of the Year Award did not seem to know he was experiencing a wardrobe malfunction at first but by the time Adele, 33, took the stage, he had delicately placed the cards in front of his undone zipper.

Elba’s fashion faux pas did not go ignored by trolls. Rather, as soon as they learned what had happened, they turned to Twitter to call out the star of The Suicide Squad, and social media was filled with jokes, memes, and observations.

One user joked, “@BRITs someone needs to tell Idris Elba to close the front door.” While another said, “Why the hell are people complaining that Idris Elba’s fly was open at The Brits? They’re acting like that’s not the best possible outcome.” “No matter how ropey I feel today I can at least be safe in the knowledge that Idris Elba feels worse #BRITs,” another troll added.

A fan was seen warning Elba saying, “@idriselba YOUR FLIES DOWN BRO #brits#brits2022.” Another one reacted, “No one thinks to tell Idris Elba his flies were down before he went on stage nah #brits”. “Award for wearing sunglasses in the toilet before you come on stage with your fly is undone goes too @idriselba#brits2022#brits,” yet another troll hilariously quipped. 

When Idris Elba’s full wardrobe malfunction was not ideal, he is far from alone. The BRIT Awards has had its fair share of sartorial disasters over the years. Madonna’s much-anticipated performance in 2015, for example, caused quite a stir. On stage, the artist planned to make a seamless outfit change.

The singer being the ultimate professional handled the situation wonderfully at the time. A few years back, Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls had an on-screen incident. As she took the stage to accept an award, the 49-year-old singer’s breasts protruded from her red sequin gown. She shrugged it off as she walked away from the stage, despite the incident’s unexpected nature.

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