HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk Reveals That BTS Comeback In 2025 Is “Not A Set Plan”

Fans of the globally popular boy band BTS have been eagerly anticipating their comeback in 2025, following the announcement last year that all members would complete their mandatory military service by then. However, HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk recently revealed that this plan is not set in stone.

Speaking at a press conference, Bang explained that while the company and BTS are working towards a 2025 comeback, it is not a guarantee. “We said we ‘hope’ the members can resume in 2025, not ‘will,'” he stated. “BTS and the firm will both work for it, but it doesn’t mean we can target then(2025).”

Bang also addressed concerns about the members’ military enlistment schedules, which are private information. He assured fans that the dates would be disclosed transparently once they are confirmed.

The first member to enlist was Jin, who began his service in December 2020 after releasing his solo song “The Astronaut.” J-hope is the next member expected to enlist, but it is unclear when this will happen.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding BTS’s comeback plans, Bang emphasized that the company is committed to supporting the members’ solo activities during their military service. “We’re focusing on making sure they can continue their individual activities, and we’re planning to support them so that they can show their own colors and grow even more,” he said.

He also revealed that the members’ contract renewal with HYBE is currently undecided. “We still have time left (until the contract ends). We’ll discuss (with the members) within the time, and I believe it will be right for us to speak about it after the discussion ends.”

BTS’s contract with HYBE is set to expire in 2026, and the group’s future plans are a source of much speculation among fans. Some have expressed concern that the members may not renew their contracts, while others are hopeful that they will continue as a group.

In any case, BTS’s success over the past few years has cemented their place as one of the biggest acts in the music industry, with a dedicated global fanbase known as the ARMY. Their influence has extended beyond music, with members speaking out on social issues and using their platform to promote positive messages.

As fans eagerly await news about BTS’s future plans, one thing is certain: the group’s impact on the music industry and popular culture is sure to continue for years to come.

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