Hulu Maggie Series Trailer Out, The Psychic Predicts Her Own Destiny

What happens when you get to know what’s going to happen in your future? Sounds cool right to know everything about your life in the future, the same thing is happening with Maggie.

Yes, you heard that right Maggie can see through her vision what’s going to happen in the coming future of anyone’s life. Maggie is a Hulu series that has dropped its trailer today and it kind of looks interesting.

The series is a romantic comedy that stars Rebecca Rittenhouse (Maggie), Ray Ford, Chloe Bridges, Kerri Kenney, Del Rio, Nicole Sakura, Angelique Cabral, Leonardo Nam, and Chris Elliott.

In the series, Maggie is a psychic, at the beginning of the trailer we can see Maggie reading the future of one of her friends. As the trailer proceeds she holds the hands of a random guy named Ben to see his future and what she sees is herself as his future partner. While reading his future she says, ” You will fall in love it’s gonna be like, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced it will be a wedding, a family.” And she gets shocked as she sees her own destiny in his future.

Through the trailer, we see that maybe Maggie has some past, and she just knows how a relationship ends or you can say that for her a relationship is kind of impossible as she says in the trailer.

The story further gets complicated as Ben her potential husband shows up with his girlfriend to live in her building. The question remains whatever she saw about her destiny will it come true or something else is in store?

The trailer ends with a line from her 7th-grade psychic says, “Your problem is you can see the future but you never see past it.”

The series will premiere on July 6, only on Hulu. Watch the trailer, here.

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