Hulk’s Son Skaar’s Age & Character Details Revealed

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law finale was on a different level when compared to other marvel shows. A huge revelation was made by the end of the series. Bruce Banner revealed to his family that he has a son named “Skaar”.

As per Hulk’s past history, he goes away to a planet named “Sakaar” after the Age of Ultron. Further, he then is seen in Thor Ragnarok where he faces off against Thor. In She-Hulk, after 1-2 episodes Hulk travels to outer space for some mission.

By the finale, he comes back and introduces his son. At the time of the finale, Marvel was trolled as well for Skaar because his hairstyle looked really weird. The fans criticized the marvel team for VFX’s fault. As we all don’t know much about his son a little information about his character is given by a concept artist.

Who’s Skaar?

Credits: Marvel

According to Marvel comics, Skaar is the son of Hulk & Caiera the old strong. The concept artist named Constantine on Instagram shared some images Skaar images revealing more about the character.

The concept artist was grateful to get the opportunity to design Skaar. In his caption, he writes how he kept the palette according to the show’s environment which was light and funny. He adds, “This specific design for Skaar brings an element of his father’s Sakaar armor design reflecting that he is from Sakaar. “

The concept art had Skaar’s hair tied up to show off his tattoos which is similar to his dad Hulk who had it when he was a gladiator. The artist reveals “He is 17-18 years old cocky and tough. “

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