how to keep a conversation going over text,

How to Keep a Conversation Going Over Text?

 It may be tough to keep up a steady stream of amusing or fascinating conversation, and it’s natural to feel as if you’ve run out of subjects to discuss. Healthy partnerships require good communication. This post will assist you in keeping a discussion going through the text.

This article will help you with what to do if a text conversation becomes monotonous or uncomfortable. You’ll have your texting partner wanting more if you use these simple tips for how to keep a conversation going with a guy or a female.

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    Don’t answer with one-word

    Why respond in one word if you’re fascinated by somebody? Rather, avoid doing that and try sending them texts with interactive inquiries that are intriguing.

    If you don’t offer the other individual enough information, your communication might come to a standstill.

    You could be deemed selfish if you are always chatting regarding yourself or your things of interest. Alternatively, find out what they enjoy as well as dislike to maintain the discussion. For example, if they enjoy the show The Office, you may ask them, “What is your favorite scene from The Office?” or “Which is your favorite character from The Office?” and continue the conversation from there.

    Use more open-ended questions

    Allow your discussion partner to respond to open-ended questions rather than saying yes or no. Asking open-ended inquiries like “What happened tonight that delighted you?” is one method to express interest.

    Use emojis with care

    Emojis may be an excellent method to convey your mood or atmosphere. They might hopefully maintain a discussion depending on the circumstances.

    If anyone questions if you have a romantic partner, you might respond with an emoticon of a pair adding a heart and a happy smile to let them know you’re in a great relationship.

    However, if you depend too heavily on them, the conversation may come to a halt. Communicating in emojis may become tedious after a while. Although these aren’t an innovative method to keep a discussion going, they still add flavour to your text convo!

    Ask the other person about their day

     “What did you do today?” or “How is your day going so far?” may appear to be simple questions, yet they might be able to keep a conversation rolling. It’s better not to make it a practice to use these when you can’t come up with anything else, or you’ll come across as sloppy. 

    Use memes

    Memes are a terrific method to develop connections and keep the conversation going by text. This is a terrific approach to make your chat more enjoyable. Send them a hilarious, repeated meme and wait for their response. It is the most pleasing way to keep the conversation going with your crush as well.

    Sending a sweet or hilarious meme or a GIF is a simple way to lighten and continue a discussion. For example, if you’re talking about all the Spider-Man movies, you could comment, “That reminds me of this…” and then send a related Spider-Man meme.

    Prepare topics ahead of time

    It may seem unusual to plan a text conversation, but having a list of subjects you may use in the future will make you feel more at ease while chatting to someone. When you hear or notice anything that reminds you of someone you want to text, make a mental note of it and broach the subject when the discussion stalls.

    Talk about life

    It doesn’t imply you have to be philosophical; instead, discussing each other’s life will help you learn more about each other. This might be an excellent approach to continue the chat.

    Know which topics to avoid

    It’s fine to discuss potentially contentious issues if you know the other person well. However, if you are recently getting to know them, avoid discussing political concerns, sexuality, and religious ideals. Some individuals are uncomfortable discussing these topics, and you may accidentally offend someone or become embroiled in a heated dispute.

    Have a unique style of texting

    The idea is to develop your own unique texting style. Try not to be overly formal while respecting them. You may use emoticons, but not excessively. You may make them happy by texting them, “Hey, hoping that you have a fantastic day ahead!”

    Mention something they posted on social media

    If the other person has shared something on social media, they will most likely appreciate feedback or questions about it. For example, suppose somebody uploaded a photo of their cat. In that case, you could message something like, “I saw the recent photos and videos of your new cat. He seems so jolly and playful. When did you welcome him into the family?” and then continue the conversation!

    Find common ground

    Finding common ground is the most popular technique to begin connecting with someone new. For example, if you both enjoy traveling, you may exchange your bucket goals. If you are an animal enthusiast, you might discuss their individuality or their favorite pets.

    Play a game

    Playing games together through text may be a low-pressure way to enjoy socially. Because games are pre-planned, you won’t have to come up with new ideas. As they foster a lighthearted attitude, they may also lead to flirting chats, so they might be an excellent option if you’re messaging a guy or girl you like.

    “Hey, do you want to play a game?” If they answer yes, you could suggest playing simple games such as:

    • Truth or Dare
    • Would You Rather
    • Guess The Lyric
    • 20 Questions

    Listen intently

    Show the other person that you are interested and engaged in conversing with them. This can cause them to feel wonderful, and actively listening to them can help improve the bond. The general rule for being a better listener is not to overthink what to say next. Take note of what the other person is trying to communicate. This might help to continue the SMS discussion. People generally open up when they are acknowledged, seen, heard, and listened to; even minor facts about who they are or how they communicate themselves are relevant.

    To avoid any misinterpretations, ask more open-ended questions and pay attention to details. It is important to consider others’ perspectives for what they are and not limit your viewpoint, as long as it does not offend anybody. 

    Following a distinct texting style and maintaining the discussion two-sided, on the other hand, might relieve the monotony and allow the other person to engage equally!

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