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How to enhance breast size naturally?

Are you looking for ways to improve and enhance breast size without surgery or pills? If yes, then you should try these natural methods to increase breast size.

Breast augmentation has become very common nowadays. Many women opt for plastic surgery to boost their bust size. This is considered to be the safest way to enlarge your breasts. But is it really safe? If in case it is completely safe then why did Chrissy Teigen remove her breast implants?

There are several natural ways to enhance breast size. These include using herbal supplements, exercising, and even wearing certain bras.

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    Herbal supplements to increase breasts naturally

    Herbs have been used by people since ancient times. They can help in curing various health conditions. Herbal medicines also contain a lot of nutrients that can help you achieve desired results. You can use herbal supplements to increase breast size. Here are some herbs that can be helpful in increasing your bust size:

    • Eurycoma longifolia – this herb contains phytoestrogens which help in enlarging your breasts. It will also relax your muscles. The leaves of this plant are often used as an aphrodisiac.
    • Ginkgo biloba – ginkgo helps in improving blood circulation around your body. It also increases the oxygen supply to your brain. This can help you get rid of headaches. Therefore, you can use this herb to enhance breast size. However, make sure that you don’t consume more than 60 mg per day.
    • L-arginine – l-arginine is an amino acid found in foods like meat, fish, nuts, eggs, poultry, etc. This amino acid helps in improving blood flow throughout your body. L-arginine is also useful in treating erectile dysfunction. It can help you enhance breast size because it improves blood circulation to your chest area.

    Breast enhancement exercises

    Regular and proper exercise may aid in the development of larger breasts. Weight training and other hard activities are supposed to contract and relax the pectoral and chest muscles in the body, giving you a more defined and sculpted appearance. Certain workouts can also help tone and firm up the breast tissues, resulting in a more desirable form and improved overall posture.

    The greatest thing is that these workouts are simple to perform at home and require little to no equipment. Maintaining good technique, following discipline, and performing it on a regular basis might help you attain the desired outcomes.

    You can perform different exercises such as the following:


    In addition to strengthening the triceps, push-ups also serve to build the pectoral muscles positioned behind the breasts. You may find this exercise tiring at first, so start with 2 to 3 sets of 10 push-ups each day and gradually increase the number as your body adjusts to the workout.

    Push-ups should be performed as follows:

    • Place your hands firmly on the ground, just under your shoulders, in the high plank position.
    • Bring your body towards the ground while keeping your back straight. Make sure your tummy does not come into contact with the floor.
    • Push yourself back up. If you find this exercise too difficult, keep your knees on the floor.


    Crunches help to reduce belly fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles. When the abs are toned and in form, the breast muscles are strengthened, resulting in bigger breasts.

    Crunches should be performed as follows:

    • Lie on your back, legs bent, feet flat on the floor.
    • Put your hands beneath your chin.
    • Raise your shoulders and upper back off the floor.
    • Your gaze should be drawn to the ceiling.
    • Exhale as you rise, hold for a second, and inhale as you return to your starting position.

    Wall ups

    Wall-ups are ideal for ladies who find push-ups difficult and exhausting. Pushing oneself against a wall is similar to doing push-ups. Wall-ups also help to tone the pectoral muscles, contour the breasts, and increase size.

    Wall ups should be performed as follows:

    • The proper technique to do wall-ups is to stand in front of a wall and raise your arms to shoulder height.
    • Place your hands on the wall and push off until your arms are extended and your elbows are bent.
    • Return to your original places. At first, attempt four sets of 10 repetitions each.

    Dumbbell chest press

    This workout hardens the breast tissues and strengthens the pectoral muscles. It is critical to mention that you should perform this exercise using dumbbells that are simple to lift.

    Dumbbell chest press should be performed as follows:

    • Lie down on a bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand.
    • Your feet should be flat on the floor.
    • Raise the dumbbells so that your arms are squarely above your shoulders, palms up.
    • Return the dumbbells to shoulder level and repeat.

    Chest contractions

    This exercise focuses on isometric chest contractions and is one of the greatest forms of breast-building workouts.

    Chest contractions should be performed as follows:

    • Place a cloth in front of your face.
    • Stretch your arms out in front of your chest.
    • Each hand should hold the towel at one end.
    • Pull both ends of the towel away from each other at the same time.
    • Contract your chest muscles while performing the exercise.

    Tips to choose the right bra

    If you have small breasts or no breasts at all, it will be very difficult to get a bra that fits properly. So, if you want to wear the right bras, consider these tips.

    1. Get fitted: The best way to check whether a bra can fit well is by getting a professional fitting. A good bra fitter will guide you through choosing the best bra based on your measurements.

    2. Wear the right size: According to the size chart provided by the manufacturer, buy either a larger or smaller size than what you normally wear.

    3. Choose a style that enhances your figure: Find a style that suits your body type. Avoid styles like plunge necklines, which emphasize the bust area.

    4. Consider color: Darker colors such as black, brown, navy blue, and red can make the breasts look fuller because they absorb light and give them an illusion of being more voluminous.

    5. Do not overstuff: Overstuffing the bra gives the impression that the breasts are bigger. Therefore, you need to avoid this practice.


    Breast exercises are great ways to enhance your beauty in different aspects. They are safe, effective, and easy to learn. Moreover, you can start working with them immediately after learning the techniques. Try any of the methods mentioned above and see the results. At the same time let’s not forget how Kate Hudson showed her support for breast cancer.

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