How The NBA Overcame The Dark Ages!

How The NBA Overcame The Dark Ages!

The NBA has become a league garnering more attention than any other basketball league in the world. Major props goes to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and his predecessors for making this a league welcoming talent from all over the world. But this wasn’t always the image of the league.

The Dark Ages

There was a time when people had the notion that only that basketball was played by drug addicts. It was majorly due to the NBA. The NBA had become a place where all sorts of substance abuse was prevalent to the highest level. For one whole decade, the NBA was looked upon as a stronghold for these miscreant makers.

The 1970s isn’t a time which is remembered fondly by the NBA and was called the ‘Dark Ages’. Why? There is a big reason behind it. After Bill Russell retired from the league and got into movements for the oppressed people, it opened up the possibilities for new champions to arrive in the league. Naturally, fans were awaiting the next dynasty in the league.

But that would not come to pass. After Wilt Chamberlain retired in 1972, the attention in the league had subsided. Of course there were star players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Walt Frazier, but the dearth of talent in the league was obvious. There were about 8 franchises who claimed silverware in the 1970s. But that was not due to the talent around the league.

The drug addiction had spread around the league so much so that players would come to the court hobbling. On top of that the league was induced with fights breaking out between players due to the physical nature of the game. It was due to all of these facts that the general public started bad mouthing about the league and rightfully so.

The Change

However, things started looking better once the NBA-ABA merger took place thanks to the efforts of then NBA Commissioner, Larry O’Brien. The merger meant that players like Dr. J and George Gervin would be bringing a lot of attendants for the league. It helped the situation a lot and people started coming to games again.

The drug problem still existed and when the NBA started cracking down on this issue, then several players who had a bright future got their career cut short. David Thompson especially who was called the Skywalker fell victim to his addiction to drugs. Although this tainted a negative image of the league, it was saved by the players themselves.

Erving Magic Johnson and Larry Bird’s arrival saved the league and their playstyle as well as rivalry brought in a lot of the public to the games. On top of that, players from around the world were excited and looked forward to play in the games once the NBA reached the media.

The NBA now

From then till now, the NBA has become a haven for basketball talent. Players like LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant has represented not only the team but the city. Winning an NBA championship has become more meaningful and the spirit of the game has been restored to it’s proper place.

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