How The Management Reacted To Sasha Banks & Naomi Case?

How The Management Reacted To Sasha Banks & Naomi Case?

While Sasha Banks and Naomi have received a large amount of online support from fans and wrestlers like CM Punk, Mia Yim, Big Swole, and Mickie James, not everyone agrees. As according report. Management is the totally opposite of this.

According to sources, the situation with Banks and Naomi is only going to get worse before it gets better. As previously stated, Banks and Naomi were set to contend against four other stars to evaluate a contender for the Raw Women’s Championship on Monday. The six-woman match never took place because Banks and Naomi left the building just before main event fight.

Banks and Naomi not only refused to work the fight, and they also gave up their Women’s Tag Team Titles. Since incident, WWE has removed Banks’ and Naomi’s merchandise from the WWE Shop and from the Then. Now. Every WWE show begins with a Forever graphic.

Sasha Banks Views On Her Blue Hair

Sasha Banks discussed her blue hair, uncovering the worst thing that could have happened to it. This happened during a fight against Asuka, and she really can not believe it.

Let me tell you about worst thing to ever happen to my hair. It’s the end of this match with Asuka, I believe it was Extreme Rules in 2020. And Asuka is among our top superstar players; she is a gangsta and simply the best, according to Sasha. We’re putting up a fight and forth when she rolls me up and I hear a rip. I have the sensation that the wind is brushing against my braids, and that my braids are exposed. My entire closure torn in half, but it’s now dangling over my face while we’re on live PPV. It was dreadful.

Sasha Banks has confirmed that she is The Boss as of her WWE debut in 2012. She went on to be an NXT Women’s Champion, a 5-time RAW Women’s Champion, a SmackDown Women’s Champion, a 3-time and current Women’s Tag Team Champion, WWE’s fourth-ever women’s triple crown winner, and the third woman to ever win a grand slam. 


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