How Much Money Joaquin Phoenix Will Earn Through Joker 2? Find Out Here

Many superhero films are in making may it be by Marvel or DC, we as an audience may assume that the actors are getting paid heftily for their roles in such movies. Let’s just find out then the earning of the famous DC character.

It’s none other than Joaquin Phoenix who plays the role of Joker in Todd Phillips’s sequel. Variety has found out salaries of Actors, that they charge for per film. Joaquin Phoenix’s salary for the 2019 Joker film is said to be $4.5Million and if they are bringing back Joaquin for another sequel it’s going to cost them $20M.

The variety article says, ” When [Joaquin] first portrayed Gotham’s infamous villain in 2019’s “Joker” Phoenix earned $4.5 million. The film went on to earn more than $1 billion and landed the actor and Oscar. If Warner Bros is going to get Phoenix back in clown makeup, it will cost the studio $20 million.”

That sounds like a crazy amount for the actor but he deserves to get paid more as his acting is top-notch in sequels and he is nailing the role of Joker.

Last month Joker 2 was officially confirmed by Todd Phillips, he posted the screenplay cover, and Joaquin Phoenix read it in a post on his Instagram handle. Joaquin debuted as Joker in the 2019 film of it, people really liked his performance as the most loved character of people “Joker”. He also received an Oscar for his iconic role of Arthur a.k.a Joker.

The new title of the Joker film is “Folie à Deux”. The meaning of the title refers to a mental condition of delusion disorder that is shared between two people or even more. This version of the film is going to be a musical one.

Many people are speculating that the title is a reference to Batman. But as the rumors are making the rounds of the internet, that Lady Gaga is in talks to play Harley Quinn in Joker 2. It seems like who better than her to partner with Joker in this madness.

With the title and sequel confirmed, we don’t know yet who all will be joining the cast and what will be the story around.

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