How Much Did Ime Udoka's Suspension Ruin The Boston Celtics' Championship Chances?

How Much Did Ime Udoka’s Suspension Ruin The Boston Celtics’ Championship Chances?

In this past few days, there has been an uproar in the Celtics nation! None in the NBA world saw it coming after everyone was preparing for the next season, making trades and retaining players for a championship run in the upcoming season. With just a week away from the NBA pre-season, this is a huge blow to the Celtics organization.

Udoka in danger!

Ime Udoka has proved his role as a strategist on the court after he led his Celtics to the NBA Finals. But what transpired in the last 3 days may have killed his coaching career. Udoka has been found guilty of violating the organization’s policy by involving in relations with the female staff members.

It has been uncovered that the Celtics’ travel planner was the one involved with the coach. The Celtics owner, Wyc Grouseback and Celtics Head of operations, Brad Stevens revealed that they had uncovered this breach through a long investigation. Grouseback has added that Udoka will be facing a season long suspension which is something to ponder as to the degree of the assault.

Udoka’s fiancée, Nia Long revealed that she was aware of the affair when it first went public back in July. Of course, the Celtics were aware of that time. Long further said that Udoka had talked to her after it was uncovered by the organization and he was aware that he would be facing repercussions for his actions.

This is a huge blow to the NBA as they were already dealing with their damaged image with former Suns’ owner, Robert Sarver’s felonies and now this. The more important question is where will the Celtics go from here?

Will this affect the Celtics’ standing?

The organization has already taken action and has appointed Joe Mazzulla as the interim head coach for the Celtics. They have made changes to their roster and are well adjusted for the next season in terms of the pieces surrounding Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

But there is one big issue! Although the Celtics have the right pieces surrounding Brown and Tatum, there is a huge difference on who is running the show. Needless to say, the Celtics never went past the Eastern Conference before Udoka entered the scene.

Of course, they had a lot to work on and the pieces right now is a result of trial and error, but that is not only the case. Kobe won his 5 rings under Phil Jackson, same goes for Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan never won without Gregg Popovich. The same goes for the Greats like Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. They all had the talent and the pieces surrounding them to succeed but above all they had a coach who knew how to win along with them.

Even now you have Giannis who could not get to the next level until Mike Budenholzer came in. The Golden State Warriors became a dynasty no doubt with the player’s talents but also because there was a reliable coach driving them. Udoka did the same for the Celtics and now with him gone there is going to be a lot of struggle reaching the Finals again.

Despite everything he has done, the Celtics need Ime Udoka to lead the team. Of course he cannot be excused for his actions, so the entire organization has to take the brunt of it. With how competitive the Eastern Conference will be in the upcoming season, there is a huge chance we will not be seeing the Celtics having the same level of success. It is going to take them a Herculean effort and a smidge of miracle to replicate last season’s success!

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