How Instagram Model Ara Queenbae Went From Engineering To Being An Entrepreneur

Everyone dreams of the fame and fortune that come with being a successful entrepreneur. Many of us, however, have to settle for average 9-5 jobs that do little to stimulate the imagination. Ara QueenBae may be an entrepreneur and Instagram model with over 470k followers, but this gorgeous woman wasn’t always on the path to becoming a model. In fact, she almost pursued a career in engineering!

Her college experience and entrance into the working world led Ara QueenBae to a job as a chemical engineer. So how did this Instagram starlet go from engineer to entrepreneur?

Ara QueenBae studied engineering in college. Ara QueenBae’s family moved to Canada when she was 10 in order to give her a better life than they felt she could have in a conservative Muslim country. She attended university in Canada where graduated with a degree in chemical engineering in July 2017. She then began looking for engineering jobs, but like all of us post-graduation, she found it wasn’t quite so easy to find a job even with a degree.

She spent a year traveling the world

While many people love to travel, they don’t always get to do it as often as they would like. Ara QueenBae has had a passion for traveling ever since she was a kid. From the moment she’s been able to travel she hasn’t stopped, traveling with friends, in groups, or alone. So when finding an engineering job proved difficult, she did what she does best: travel the world.

Ara QueenBae spent a year working as a server while applying for engineering jobs. But instead of staying put like most of us do, she spent the year traveling and taking photos. Ara QueenBae had started to blow up on social media, and her traveling pics made her Instagram following skyrocket.

She tried the 9-5 life for a while

Ara QueenBae ended up landing a chemical engineering job at a consulting firm in May 2018. Even though she had spent the year traveling and rising to Instagram fame, she decided to take the job. She worked there for a year, but hated sitting behind a cubicle all day and not being challenged or creatively fulfilled. Instead of grinning and bear her 9-5 job like so many people do, Ara Queen Bae wasn’t willing to settle.

While Ara Queen Bae has found undeniable success as a female entrepreneur, this job didn’t have the growth she was looking for. “Ever since I was a little girl, I always saw myself as the boss,” says Ara Queen Bae. “I wanted to be the leader at the top of the company. Within these corporate companies, however, most of the people at the top were males. I knew there would be no room to grow.”

Ara QueenBae took a leap of faith to pursue social media full time

Ara QueenBae’s passion and dedication to social media allowed her Instagram following to keep growing until she finally quit her 9-5 job a year later. By this point she started working full force as an Instagram model, influencer, Youtuber, and coach. This leap paid off, as her dreams of being an entrepreneur and traveling the world finally came true.

Ara QueenBae felt the struggle that we all know of paying off student debt and monthly bills that come after graduating. Taking that leap of faith gave her the freedom to travel the world doing something she’s passionate about. She now gets to empower females to be confident in their skin no matter where they’re from or what their cultural views are. She runs her business from a laptop anywhere in the world, no longer locked behind a cubicle all day long. Talk about living the dream!

Ara QueenBae wants to give back

A lot of Instagram models chase fame and money instead of trying to help others, but Ara QueenBae is different. In addition to coaching other new models and helping them achieve their goals, she pursues various environmental causes that she’s passionate about. Ara QueenBae puts her following, her audience, and her name to good use toward helping charities and the environment while also helping people make money and grow their own lives.

She’s a feminist success story

Ara QueenBae established all of the goals she set for herself as a little girl. She’s an entrepreneur, she travels the world, and she helps others achieve their dreams. Ara QueenBae has also been featured in countless magazines and music videos, including a feature in the new music video “No Guidance” by Chris Brown ft Drake.

Every day she continues to set new goals to work toward, both short-term and long-term. She truly is a feminist success story that you don’t have to settle for the

corporate life if you don’t want to; you can find success if you set goals and never stop following your dreams.

You can follow her on Instagram @araqueenbae