How Insiderz is Disrupting the NFT Market with its Unique Focus on the Intersection between Traditional Art and Innovative NFTs

Origin & Evolution of Civilization Trends

What is civilization if not the sum of a society’s music, literature, paintings, sculpture, cinema, cuisine, politics, and social traditions? Understandably, as time passes, a given civilization’s culture evolves and changes. Typically, innovations in technology propel and accelerate these cultural changes, for better and for worse. The strongest and most storied civilizations can integrate these new changes in technology and societal sensibilities while still maintaining a consistent cultural thread.

Embrace the Change

As the world is constantly changing, all humans react to those irreversible changes, by nature. Fears and doubts appear when people don’t understand the reason for these changes. Unfortunately,  the public generally averse to new technology when it is first invented. While it is critical for advocates of new technology to educate the public on how these inventions can better their lives, stewards of culture are tasked with resisting the pressure to over-modernize and disregard old truths. Human culture progresses when societies can seamlessly integrate new innovations in a way that disrupts the status quo and pushes civilization forward all while preserving the best of its history.

Need for Transparency and Security

Blockchain’s transformational peer-to-peer network is an exciting new technological protocol enabling entrepreneurs to ensure immutability of powerful global industries. Innovators and entrepreneurs are using blockchain-enabled smart contract and transparent ledger technology to create new forms of money with cryptocurrency as well as reimagine the concept of art, ownership, and community with NFTs. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are garnering the attention of entrepreneurs, investors, celebrities, and art enthusiasts around the world precisely because of the market’s unique melange of art and innovative technology. NFTs can turn digital art into a verifiable asset or ‘token’ on the secure blockchain network that serves as an authenticated and completely transparent certificate of ownership that is impossible to fake; this security increases the demand for digital art. In addition to changing how we understand the relationship between art and technology, the NFT market is a flourishing and highly profitable business as experts predict the market size will reach $80 billion in net sales by 2025. We are convinced that the Web 3 revolution will be just as massive as the Web 2 digital  transformation years ago. 

Introducing Insiderz, the industry-leading ‘end-to-end’ NFT agency democratizing access to Web 3 by helping artists, entrepreneurs, and brands jump into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens. Insiderz is making a name for itself due to its vertically integrated services, flexible business model, and commitment to artistic integrity. One of Insiderz’s goals is to launch a Web 3 Start-Up Factory where entrepreneurs can pitch their project to insiderz board. The intent is to identify and select disruptive initiatives for the future and push them. Insiderz believes they can bring value by helping these entrepreneurs with incubation, advice , structure, and growth. “Find golden nuggets and offer their best chance” is the Insiderz mantra.

What is the Insiderz Value Proposition Offer to its Customer?

Insiderz is known throughout the industry for its unique ability to provide value at all stages of an NFT project. Insiderz have invested in experienced and senior board members and advisors to ensure the success of the company. Sacha Cohen has pioneered in the industry with samurai cats and Nathalie Taieb had been instrumental as an Oxya Origin advisor and part of its strategy, PR and marketing teams. Cohen and Taieb, are strong additions to the Insiderz team. Insiderz provides essential resources from the inception of the art to the creation of an exciting yet achievable roadmap to the development of the software & utilities to the marketing of the project to the community management. The agency acts as an incubator bringing the team’s expertise and strategic vision to any type of NFT project (art, avatars, collectibles, videos, Defi games, and metaverse creations). Drawing upon their collective experience working with over 30 NFT projects, the Insiderz team creates comprehensive NFT projects that use artistic designs, highly-technical utilities, and community-based values. The Insiderz team is deeply committed to their clients as well as to the health of the entire NFT ecosystem; Insiderz focuses on countering the short-term players in the industry by pioneering projects built for the long-term

What insiderz is committed to?

With the intent to democratize access to NFTs, the Insiderz team has three different business models appealing to different types of artists, entrepreneurs, and brands across varying can budgets, project maturity levels, types of collection, and size of investments

First, Insiderz’s “All-In” model is perfect for NFT artists & entrepreneurs looking to find investors to get their project off the ground without spending any money themselves. Insiderz will facilitate 100% of the investment and help the project gain traction, enabling the entrepreneur to benefit from profit sharing. Second, Insiderz’s “Peer to Peer” model is perfect for NFT artists & entrepreneurs who already have and are willing to invest in their own projects. Insiderz can partially invest and share the profits with the entrepreneur. Finally, Insiderz’s “Casino” model is perfect for NFT artists & entrepreneurs who want to retain complete ownership of their project. Insiderz can simply take its margin as an agency and add the team’s strategic expertise and resources to the project where it fits. 

This business model flexibility, along with the team’s vertical integration, is a key differentiator which separates Insiderz from the competition. This is truly a unique and awesome business value offer. 

With a project modus operandi of combining the best of both disciplines, Insiderz is disrupting both the traditional art world and NFT community with its exciting partnership with widely popular and multi-talented artist Raphael Federici

Rising to fame in the South of France, Federici is known throughout the country, Europe, and the world for his avant-garde paintings, street art, illustrations, and more. Federici and Insiderz are the perfect team to showcase how the traditional art and NFT industries can co-exist, and even support each other. 

To this point, Federici will be hand drawing all of the NFTs he works on with Insiderz, which is unique in the space as many NFT projects generate art based on algorithmic automation. Moreover, Federici and the Insiderz team will actually send a physical hand-drawn copy of the art to the collectors who purchase their NFTs, further linking the digital to the real. One of their first projects together will be creating NFTs for Federici’s legendary “A Spirited Sailor” artworks. 

Insiderz is intelligently leveraging the information they learn from the digital world enthusiasts across the world can communicate what they like and dislike in real-time on apps such as discord – with the physical world – where art enthusiasts traditionally congregate in museums to consume art – to build creative art exhibitions in the real-world, which harken to the team’s NFT projects. To this point Daosaur is worth a look as well. The concept of this NFT collection is to belong to a private club, where whales of this market help the community navigate in the NFT and crypto sphere; their insight worth gold !

In addition to the team’s work with Federici, the Insiderz team have five active projects and 40 more in the pipeline.    

If you want to learn more, please visit their website as well as follow their Instagram and Twitter pages. 

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