How Industry Leader TechAhead Helps Clients Improve User Experience for Optimal Conversion Rate

These days for businesses, it isn’t enough to just run a standardized app with basic functions. As digital capabilities continue to evolve, user experience and customer engagement have become a priority for many brands in order to stay competitive and relevant. But for businesses that perhaps aren’t the most tech savvy, one rising technology solutions company is paving the way for businesses to be successful online. Over the years, TechAhead has been known for services like their award winning mobile app development, as well as for their UI/UX design and their Internet of Things (IoT) development expertise. But as the constant evolution of technology perpetuates, one service in particular that sets them apart is in how they use analytics to understand user experience and journey.

Through their recent partnership with Mixpanel, TechAhead goes the extra mile in product design, using strategy to build out an app or a website based on how user behavior trends. By answering questions and measuring what matters, TechAhead is able to design the most optimal UX and engagement strategy of a client’s app that will facilitate user engagement, ease of use, and ultimately higher conversion.

For instance, MixPanel has the ability to survey retention rates across an app, analyzing which type of users retain best, how long they spend on an app and where they spend most of their time. With analytics like these, TechAhead can implement MixPanel’s data while designing the best version of a client’s app or website. While augmenting product design is important as it is, TechAhead raises the bar, factoring in user journey through crucial analytics that will in turn help them build their clients a better, more productive solution.

“TechAhead has been solving complex business challenges for Clients with innovative mobile solutions for over 11 years,” says TechAhead VP of Global Business Development Shanal Aggarwal. “Clients are moving away from templatized apps and realizing the importance of creating personalized experiences to improve customer engagement. With our focus on UX Design, User Testing and Analytics, we continue to push the frontiers of customer experiences to help our Clients standout in the digital landscape.”

Over the past 11 years, TechAhead has contributed in elevating their client’s brands and businesses. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, as a prominent leader in the digital solutions industry, TechAhead has helped enhance the humblest of brands as well as the most reputable, having worked for big names like Aquatherm, Audi, American Express, Allianz, AXA and more. The TechAhead portfolio is just as much impressive as it is expansive—and it’s only getting better.

As the trends of technology have proven, predicting what will ensure optimization and staying ahead of the curve can only position businesses for their best shot at success and TechAhead’s services continue to show that they do just that.

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