How Gibson Kagni became a global power player across multiple industries

The calling card of great men throughout the course of history has always been the seemingly effortless ability to build a legacy that seems to be larger than life; Every single historical figure that children read about at school – from Alexander the Great to Dr. Dre – has a single quality in common: selflessness.

But how can we speak about selflessness when discussing conquerors, kings and captains of industry? The answer is simple: every one of these men was possessed by a drive greater than himself. The spark of human evolution, and the improvement of mankind as a whole.

For the illustrious Senegalese-American business mogul that has reimagined the music industry the journey to greatness began a long time ago. The son of a diplomat, a man of the people, Djibril Gibson Kagni went on to become a visionary. A well respected strategist, talent developer, brand architect, consensus builder and a magnet for the world´s wealthiest investors.

Gibson has guided the careers of countless entertainment superstars, he has built a globally coveted high fashion casual-wear label (, but he has also remained a true and loyal friend to those who came up alongside him.

A generous mentor and brilliant power broker, Kagni has seen his music career expand exponentially after becoming the first and only multi-award winning western music producer to conquer the Russian market and devise the rise of some of its biggest icons. Not satisfied with the colossal success he had accomplished in the music industry (having guided or collaborated with major superstars such as Akon, Jason Derulo, Timati, Diddy, DJ Antoine, Kat De Luna, etc.) – Gibson evolved quickly, turning into a cultural icon after launching his uber-exclusive casual chic apparel line MMA which has become the go-to label for the cream of the crop within the international fashion and entertainment scene.

But conquering music and fashion wasn´t enough for the young mogul – who is also a devoted and loving father – Kagni went on to conquer the financial world by acting as the key negotiator between stock exchange listed companies and key celebrity players, investors and shareholders.

Recently, Gibson unveiled an imposing campus, located in Atlanta´s hippest neighborhood; Kagni´s compound epitomizes the triumph of independent African American business leaders, and it serves as an omen. The message is clear: the best is yet to come.


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