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How Entrepreneur Kevin Thobias Turned $12M of Tesla Stock into Genomic Investing

To some, the stock market remains a mystery with highs and lows like an unpredictable roller coaster ride. But for entrepreneur Kevin Thobias, he saw a dip in the market as an opportunity that would later be the gateway for him to break into an industry he’s long been interested in— genomics. 

Despite the hype around the Tesla brand, in the last few years, stock market experts and financial pundits often stated that buying Tesla stock would likely be more of a risk than a reward. But at the beginning of 2020, having recently sold his supplement company, Thobias jumped at the opportunity to buy $2 million in the electric vehicle and clean energy company. Though sceptics and naysayers advised him against investing in Tesla, the up-and-coming entrepreneur has since turned that $2 million into $12 million in less than one year. 

“I’ve always loved the Tesla brand,” Thobias says. “I felt that it was severely undervalued. Even with some of their manufacturing problems, their financials were positive and they clearly had the capability to scale up so for me, the investment made sense.”

Having recognized the company’s potential to quickly scale up, Thobias didn’t let the company’s stagnant stock prices deter him. And as an advocate for accelerating renewable energy, for the rising entrepreneur, investing in Tesla was a no-brainer.  Though he has since mostly bought out of Tesla, Thobias is now focused on his long-term goal of investing in disruptive tech companies that are positioned to help human advancement. One area in particular that especially appeals to him is genomics, or gene editing. 

With a passion for biotechnology, Thobias has been eager to focus on exploring how gene therapy and gene editing can play a major role in anti-aging. And now with his massive Tesla payout, he can’t wait to see what the future holds for genomics and how he can augment the development of creating new and innovative biotech solutions that can reduce health issues and increase life expectancy. 

While he’s currently researching and discovering new and up-and-coming biotech companies to invest in, the entrepreneur recently got involved in the major Swiss-American biotech company, CRISPR Therapeutics. Though he’s been recognized for his entrepreneurial work in various sectors of business, at the core, Thobias’ priorities remain the same. He’s committed to creating business opportunities that will give him the platform and financial capability to invest in genomics, biotech and disruptive tech. 

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