How CEO of Talent Resources Mike Heller is Using Social Media Marketing for the Greater Good News

How CEO of Talent Resources Mike Heller is Using Social Media Marketing for the Greater Good

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Time icon December 2, 2020

Many influencers have risen to prominence because of various social media platforms, however, many of them are not unique. This works well for brands looking to sign a potential influencer who can rise to stardom, as becoming too famous can cause the influencer to be very selective of the sponsorship and endorsement deals thrown their way. In the long game, this has the potential for detrimental effects because of the “cancel culture” that causes the previous blunders of the influencers to surface into the limelight. Due to this, thorough research and alertness are primary components from every individual involved in the campaign.

These problems were recognized a long time ago by Mike Heller, who is the CEO and founder of Talent Resources, Heller saw these potential pitfalls when he was working in talent management and entertainment law. During observation of this PR fiasco that spanned many years, Heller realized the glaring gap in the market. 13 years ago, he orchestrated a group of people with expertise in this field, and used his extensive brand and celebrity contacts to create Talent Resources- a firm that specializes in worldwide strategic marketing.

Heller’s company can be used by both sides of the coin, talent and brands. The talent or agency that represents them can offer their services for a marketing campaign a certain brand wants to use. Talent Resources then runs an in-depth analysis to make sure the talent and brand can work in unison to the benefit of the brand. Next, a lineup is presented of the talent so the brand can make an appropriate determination as to who is the best option to align with the end goals of the brand. A unity is necessary between the talent and the brands to create the best possible outcome, that accurately depicts the desired decision to get rid of any negative feedback.

In contemporary times, consumers are able to ascertain which endorsements are genuine and which are not, and this creates a giant headache for the sales of a brand. Talent Resources is able to combine the right influencer with the corresponding brand, all within the monetary scope of the brand. Talent Resources also aids the marketing division because of the 360-degree method that has made Talent Resources virtuosos in strategizing, as well as rebranding.

Talent Resources is very effective and prosperous when it comes to creating the most favorable and honest strategic planning for marketing. The work product of Talent Resources can be seen daily on social media, now that digital is the focal point in the marketing industry.

As of recent times, there has been a paramount spotlight on the activism of brands and influencers. There is immense strain on such social media platforms to be utilized for the best solutions that has previously been seen. “Cancel Culture” attacks influencers and brands who do not speak on issues for the greater good, such as: political, environmental, and humanitarian issues. Talent Resources is an integral part in creating honest feedback in regards to speaking on such important things for both the influencer and the brand. From campaigns that focus on the need for political activism to fundamental human rights, Talent Resources takes a meticulous approach in an effort to aid clients in having an effect on such matters.

In modern times, most people are aware of what content is available to the public eye. Every angle of the marketing campaign must be analyzed with precision, from a wide scope of different angles to make sure there is good feedback and less scrutiny. Talent Resources offers a helping hand in all aspects to increase genuine engagement for a favorable outcome.

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