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How adorable is this card made by AbRam for Suhana Khan on her 20th birthday!

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday and she received a special card from her brother AbRam!

Bollywood superstar Suhana Khan’s daughter turned 20 years old yesterday. While she received birthday wishes from several people from the tinsel town, she herself shared a few pictures of herself today.

Sharing lovely sunkissed stills of herself, Suhana wrote, “I’m gonna be 30 in ten years.” But what caught our attention was the last picture in her gallery post which was a special card made by her younger brother AbRam.

In his cute kid-like handwriting, the little one had written, “Your the best sister in the world.” Now hows adorable is that!

Check out Suhana’s post here:


Suhana’s bestie, Ananya Panday too has been dropping sweet comments on her posts. They cute banters in the comment section always make headlines.  

Meanwhile, Suhana Khan has always been interest in acting. While studying abroad, she has been a part of several plays as well. However, the superstar Shah Rukh Khan had made it clear long back that his children need to complete their education first before they can start working. We can’t wait to see the young girl on the big screen.

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