Hum Kaha Kay Sachay Thay: Mehreen Is Not Guilty, What Next?

Indeed, the entire episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was around to Aswad. And the beloved lies that he was fed. However, Aswad has to play a victim here, and director did a great job in portraying his thoughts and guilts. Though, now very easily the entire blame is being put on Mashal for what she used to say about Mehreen.

Instead of seeing Mashal responsible for what Aswad went through, Aswad should be accountable for being so obnoxious. Mehreen was still hallucinating & relieved when she spoke to Saleha about ending up his marriage with Aswad. At least it showed that there was now hope for Mehreen to get better.

This was definitely the first step that Mehreen took unconsciously to figure a way out that she was falling into. Although Saleha has never really helped Mehreen’s case. But the way she told her that Mashal does not exist anymore with a definitive tone did make Mehreen realize a thing or two.

Hum Kaha Kay Sachay Thay Got Its Pace

Intentionally or not, but Aswad findings were important than Mehreen’s health condition. Aswad got to know everything from Shabo. She came up very clear to him and about the mistake she made which took Mashal’s life as a result.

Mashal did not commit suicide which was good to know. But unfortunately, it was saddening to learn that she was so driven by her hatred that she was ready to kill Mehreen & poison her tea too. This entire suspense was definitely done well. And kept the viewers guessing & made them look forward to every single episode.

This episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was definitely better than the last so many episodes. Indeed, Mahira Khan’s performance throughout has been phenomenal. She has portrayed Mehreen’s character with a lot of finesse & grip. Usman Mukhtar’s performance has definitely improved along the journey but sadly the character of Aswad is simply intolerable therefore it serves as a major distraction from the actor’s craft. 

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