“Hickey” Trends Worldwide After BTS Namjoon’s Live With Fans

Shortly after BTS’ RM went live on the Weverse platform on Thursday, February 16, the phrase “Hickey” trended in the top 20 trending list on Twitter.

Fans’ observation of a mark on RM of the BTS, who is the subject of the trend, was the cause. In some videos that went popular on Twitter, it appeared like RM tried to obscure the view of his mark by casually putting his palm in front of the screen when he saw it was there.

Being a formidable force, the ARMYs kept gushing over the alleged hiccup and responding to it with jokes. The BTS leader said that he was hurt while engaging in CrossFit after reading a comment on the mark on his neck, but this was still the case.

BTS’ RM just went live to interact with fans after Jung Kook and SUGA met ARMYs on Weverse this month. On February 16, he unintentionally turned on the Live. Fans praised his clothing, but a little blemish on his neck diverted their admiration.

The live feed showed more of BTS’ RM and was conducted in a portrait or vertical orientation. He was dressed in a voluminous black and white jacket with a neck zipper. Fans did, however, briefly spot a black mark on the neck while the idol was reading the comments and resting his face on one hand during the live performance.

It seems RM became aware of the mark’s presence. He simultaneously raised a second arm to block the view. As admirers swarmed the comments questioning him about it, he admitted that he had been doing CrossFit and got injured.

Fans, however, started calling the mark a hickey comically and didn’t trust the BTS leader. They unintentionally made the phrase “HICKEY” trend on the global Twitter trends.


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