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Hiba Bukhari Addresses Criticism About Her Dressing Sense In Drama Fitoor

Who doesn’t know Hiba Bukhari these days? She is the most recent heart-throb actress of the Lollywood industry.

Hiba is a supremely talented and amazing Pakistani television actress who has established a mark for herself. Her performance on screen is more often than not loved by the Pakistani audience.

Interview With Something Haute

Hiba Bukhari recently appeared in an exclusive interview with “Something Haute”.

As a background for those who do not know, the actress faced severe criticism from some nooks and corners of the industry for her dressing sense and fashion choice in her recent drama Fitoor.

During the interview, Hiba has gotten candid about this issue and cleared the air.

What Did She Say?

“Fitoor is directed by Siraj-ul-Haque and he always has a thing in his mind to make everything look dreamy. He wanted me to dress the way Dilnasheen was dressed up in Fitoor.”

“The wardrobe was presented by 7th Sky. I didn’t make them myself. That’s what it is. We actors alone are not responsible for all the things. We just do our job as we are told to.

She went on to say that “we have to do whatever our directors and producers ask us to do.”

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