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Here’s why Priya Prakash Warrier has deactivated her Instagram account

Priya Prakash Warrier, who had shot to fame with her viral video form Oru Adaar Love, has deactivated her Instagram account now!

The South Indian actress Priya Prakash Warrier had become an overnight sensation. All thanks to the viral video from her film Oru Adaar Love. While the viral clip was all over the social media platforms, people had started calling her the national crush.

The actress has made headlines again. However this time it is due to a disappointing news. Priya has deactivated her Instagram profile suddenly. She had more than 7 million followers on her account. And this sudden decision has surely come as a very heartbreaking news for her fans.


According to the reports, Priya has not deleted her account permanently. She has just taken a break from social media. She made the decision after the continuous online trolling.

The step was all the more surprising for the people as Priya had made her debut on Tiktok last week itself. She was much awaited on the platform and after receiving so many requests from her fans she had finally joined the platform.    

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