Here’s why Mukesh Khanna taunted Sonakshi Sinha & Ekta Kapoor

Praising the re-run of Mahabharat, the actor Mukesh Khanna has lashed out at the actress Sonakshi Sinha and the producer Ekta Kapoor!

Amid the lockdown, Doordarshan has brought all of its popular shows back on the screens including Ramayan and Mahabharat. Actor Mukesh Khanna, who is best remembered for his role Shaktimaan, had played the role of Bhishmapitamah in Mahabharat.

Praising the re-run of the show, he told TOI, “I think the reruns will be useful to many who haven’t watched the show earlier. It will also help people like Sonakshi Sinha who have no knowledge about our mythological sagas. People like her don’t know who did lord Hanuman get Sanjivani for.”

Well, the veteran actor didn’t stop there as he criticised how Ekta Kapoor selected the actors for her version of Mahabharat. Mukesh even revealed that he was offered to play the role of Shantanu by Ekta’s production house, which he rejected.  

“She made a mockery of Mahabharat. She took all the daily soap actors and tried to make Mahabharat. They are flaunting tattoo. If you want to make Mahabharat rise about it and don’t try to ape it. Ekta must be very angry with me because I have spoken about a lot about the kind of content she makes. But I am against the way she projects women in her daily soaps,” added Mr Khanna.