Here’s Why Fans Think The Latest Jennie & Taehyung Paris Video Is Fake

Fans raise valid concerns about the alleged video featuring the K-pop stars, Jennie and Taehyung, taking a romantic stroll in Paris without masks.

Paris, known as the city of love, has become the center of attention for K-pop fans around the world. A recent video capturing what appears to be Jennie from BLACKPINK and Taehyung from BTS walking hand in hand on the streets of Paris has sparked a wave of excitement and skepticism among their devoted fanbase. However, as the video gains traction, fans are now questioning its authenticity and putting forward compelling reasons to doubt the couple’s involvement.

No Masks: Heightened Suspicion Surrounds Public Appearance

One of the primary points raised by fans is the absence of masks. Both Taehyung and Jennie have maintained reputations as fiercely private celebrities. This sudden decision to roam the streets of Paris without any regard for being recognized seems uncharacteristic and suspicious to fans. They argue that if the alleged couple truly had no concerns about being caught, they would have officially confirmed their relationship when private photos of them circulated last year, causing a considerable buzz.

Taehyung’s Alleged Paris Visit: Discrepancies in Reports and Sightings

Adding fuel to the fire, fans have noted that Taehyung’s reported visit to Paris for a CELINE event seems questionable. Despite numerous reports confirming his arrival, several fans and cameramen eagerly awaiting him at the Paris airport claim that he never appeared. Instead, it is suggested that Taehyung traveled to Nice, raising doubts about his presence in the French capital during the time of the alleged video.

Security Instructions: Credibility of the Cameraman Under Scrutiny

Another aspect that has raised eyebrows is the credibility of the person who recorded the video. The cameraman stated that security personnel instructed them to film from a distance and not up close. This statement has left fans questioning the reliability of the video, as it appears suspicious that security would take such an interest in their privacy, especially if the couple wanted to remain incognito.

Video Quality: Low Resolution Raises Doubts

Fans have also expressed skepticism regarding the video’s quality. In an era where smartphones can capture high-definition videos, the low quality of the alleged footage has raised doubts among supporters. Some argue that professional paparazzi are usually equipped with cameras capable of producing clearer visuals. With the video lacking clarity and offering limited visibility of both Jennie and Taehyung’s faces, it becomes challenging to definitively confirm their identities.

Resemblance Issue: The Mismatched Appearance of the Individual in Question

Furthermore, fans have scrutinized a close-up shot of the person believed to be Taehyung in the video. Many have pointed out that the individual does not resemble him at all, citing differences in facial features and overall appearance. This discrepancy has further fueled suspicions that the video may be an elaborate hoax taking advantage of the ongoing rumors surrounding the two stars.

As the video continues to circulate and spark intense debate within the fandom, it remains possible that someone is capitalizing on the widespread speculation surrounding Taehyung and Jennie’s alleged relationship

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