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Here’s what Richa Chadha has to say about people announcing their donation amount on social media!

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha thinks that it’s obnoxious to announce the amount of donation on social media!

The outbreak of coronavirus has affected so many lives. But we also got to see how people came together to help the needy. They donated in their best capacity in COVID-19 relief funds. While some people disclosed the amount, some people just said that they have pledged their donation. Actress Richa Chadha thinks that it’s obnoxious to announce the amount donated on social media.

Talking to HT Café, she said, “You will never see me publicise the amount I donate. But, in this case, since the donation was in kind and because I had put up the first picture of the donation and asked for help, I thought it was fair for me to talk about how Instagram helped me.


She raised around 600 kg of ration with the help of her followers which she donated to a Gurudwara.  “If it (my post) inspires somebody else to do something kind, then why not? [But] Discussing how much people have donated, and how they ought to donate in crores or lakhs… I find that kind of talk a little obnoxious, and I think it puts people off,” Richa added.

The actress went on to talk about how social media can be both a positive and a negative space. It all depends on how we use it.


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