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Here’s what rapper Badshah thinks about Masakali 2.0!

The popular rapper Badshah shares his opinion on the revamped version of Bollywood song Masakali!

Since the time Masakali 2.0 has been released, so many people have reacted to the song. From AR Rahman to Prasoon Joshi and Mohit Chauhan, celebs have expressed their opinions of the remake. Now the rapper Badshah has shared his thoughts on the revamped version of the song.

He says that he has been on both the ends – reprising songs and having his songs reworked and it all boils down to the audience reaction. The singer said, “Comparisons are inevitable. I loved the Aankh Marey remix more than the original. My 2015 song Wakhra Swag was recently remixed for a film without my knowledge. It worked but I’m still asked to play my version wherever I go.”


Recently AR Rahman had tweeted the link to the original song taking a dig at the makers for remixing Masakali. In the same content, Badshah further revealed how he has worked on the only remake that AR Rahman had approved. “We were at an event and he called me from the other end of the room, to say that he really liked my remixed version of Humma Humma,” added the rapper.

Meanwhile, his latest song Genda Phool is inching towards 150 Millions views on YouTube. Featuring Jacqueline Fernandez alongside the singer, the song has got really popular amongst the listeners.

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