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Here’s what Neha Kakkar has to say about people trolling her for her remix songs!

Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar has sung a number of remixes which have been sometime appreciated and some other time trolled!

Appreciation and hate is a part and parcel of a celeb’s life. Singer Neha Kakkar says that she doesn’t feel bad about all the hate as they are just jealous of her.

In an interview with IANS, when asked if she feels bad about getting trolled, she said, “Of course, I am a human being and I do feel bad about it, but after feeling bad I bounce back. I feel these people who are writing bad (things) about me are nothing but jealous people. They feel, ‘why is Neha here?’ Jo number one singer hai uske hi baare main likhengay log (they will write about the singer who is number one).”


But she also added on saying that she has more lovers than haters. “So, I understand that – I am number one that is why people talk about me and get jealous. Jealous people are few, and lovers are like in crores,” said Neha.

The singer has lent her voice for a number of remixed songs like Kala Chashma, O Saki Saki and Dilbar. While some were appreciated, some other were trolled. Talking about revamping a song, she said, “I feel if it’s a good remix then (there is) no problem, because it’s done with permission. What happens is, initially people behave negatively and say, ‘gaane ko barbaad kar diya (they have destroyed the song)’. Later, they enjoy listening and dancing to my song.”

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