Here’s What Makes Politician Pinakin Shukla A Man With a Bigger Heart!

In today’s time, power is defined by money. If you have money in abundance, you are the most powerful person. However, in the long run, merely money does not play a significant role in shaping up the power. Your work towards the people and the society in general also come into consideration. One of the most prominent names, Pinakin Shukla is a politician, social activist and a land developer who is based in Virpur, Mahisagar district of Gujarat. His father Mr Mukesh Shukla is a powerful name who had been a president of Kheda-Anand district panchayat from 1995 to 2000. His father Mukeshbhai is known as people’s leader. He offered his resignation to the government to make virpur a Taluko and mahi kantha a district in 1998. (in 2014 Mahisagar Dist.announced by then chief minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi).Leadership and management skills are innate to Pinakin and in 2013 he won a kheda district panchayat election with margin around 6700 votes.(Highest lead in whole gujarat),in year of 2015 He again won a mahisagar district panchayat election around 5500+ margin votes. Besides this, he was the youngest chairman of APMC Virpur.

Being the youngest chairman of the standing committee of Mahisagar district panchayat, Pinakin is working hard towards the betterment of society. With a wider vision, he aims to develop the Mahisagar district. “Education is a must today and I aim to provide scholarships to the people who can’t afford to go to schools. The major idea is to build and develop the community which is both educated and employed. I hope to curb poverty and give people a decent lifestyle to live”, he said. In these recent years, Pinakin Shukla has made contributions in various sectors like health, food, education and roadways. Being at the forefront in doing philanthropy works, he donates daily food to poor people at Lunawada city under the banner of ‘ATITHI’ where poor people have access to free food daily.every year he donates blankets,clothes and slippers to poor people.

Living life for others, his day begins by helping poor people and ends with solving problems of poor people. Known as Bhamasa due to his charity works, the political leader donated a huge land worth Rs 1 crore rupees for constructing a bus stand in Virpur. The inauguration of bus stand was done by India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Apart from this, the man has also constructed temples like Mukeshwar Mahadev Temple,Kashi-vishwanath mahadev,Ramji Mandir and Bhatiji Mandir in his locality. He had even donated his land for sat kaival saheb temple in Virpur,He also donated a land for Baba saheb’s statue. As far as Pinakin Shukla’s future plans are concerned, he aims to open English medium schools for the students and old age homes for the senior citizens. He also wants to promote sports in Mahisagar district wherein the youth can be trained to play for the nation.